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Course Name: BOLLARD BASICS: New ASTM F3016 Standard is a Design Liability Game Changer!
Course Number: TY0807-W
Course  Description:This program will cover why the new ASTM F3016 Standard was developed and what the Bollard design specifier now needs to know to protect their company and customers from low speed vehicle impact liability. Provided is a thorough explanation and overview of how Bollards and other Vehicle Impact Protective Devices are tested under the new national low speed ASTM F3016 Standard and why traditional concrete filled Bollards fail this test method.
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Course Name: Vehicular Gate & Operator Systems: Easy To Learn Design Criteria For Compliance With The UL325 & ASTM2200 National Standards
Course Number: TY0808-W
Course  Description: Provides an overview of the NEWLY REVISED 2016 UL325 National Standard. The course will guide design professionals on how to properly specify automated vehicular gates and also include important facts to know about UL325 and ASTM F 2200 Standards as they apply to automated gates. The design professional will learn in detail those standards and what to do to protect the firm and client liability.
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