1. Why choose TYMETAL?    [Top
TYMETAL is the innovator and leader in the design and manufacture of aluminum security gates in the United States.

2. Why aluminum?    [Top]
The structural aluminum utilized in the manufacture of our Fortress gates has high tensile and yield strengths, as well as the corrosion resistance and aesthetic appeal.

3. Are gates custom made?    [Top]
TYMETAL gates are all custom made to order to meet the individual needs of our customers.

4. What finishes are available?    [Top]
The standard finish for the Fortress aluminum gate is “mill” finish, the aluminum from the extruder; but durable polyester powder coating is available.

5. What colors are available?    [Top]
The standard powder coating colors available for the Fortress aluminum gates are black, white, dark green, bronze and brown. A wide selection of additional custom colors is also available for this type of gate.

6. What size gates can TYMETAL manufacture?    [Top]
Depending on gate type and configuration, TYMETAL gates can close openings from 4’ to 500’, with heights up to 20’.

7. Is technical assistance available?    [Top]
TYMETAL provides excellent technical assistance with a staff of experienced personnel, familiar with both the operation of the gate system and its installation. Telephone technical support is included with all product sales and onsite factory representation is available for installation endorsement, preventative maintenance training and safety commissioning.

8. Are the gates warranted?    [Top]
TYMETAL provides a limited warranty on all gate systems produced at its manufacturing plant.

9. Does weather affect the operation of the gates?    [Top]
Due to the method of manufacturing and by utilizing enclosed track systems, TYMETAL gates will work equally well in all variations of climatic conditions.

10. What kind of product information is available?    [Top]
TYMETAL provides product information sheets for most products, and CAD drawings are provided for either standard or custom designs to meet specific customer requirements. BIM drawings are also available.

11. Whom can you call for more information?    [Top]
Get in touch with one of our experts or call us on our toll-free number at 888-978-GATE(4283). A dedicated, knowledgeable staff will answer your questions and provide the appropriate information.

12. Are all TYMETAL gates manufactured from aluminum?    [Top]
No. Some of our gates are manufactured from steel members, having a standard finish of hot dipped galvanized with an option for a primed finish.

13. Where is TYMETAL located?    [Top]
TYMETAL has two locations as well as a stocking facility. The sales office and original manufacturing plant is located in Greenwich, NY – halfway between New York City and Montreal on the Hudson River. In 2003, TYMETAL added a second manufacturing plant located just outside of Houston in Pearland, TX. TYMETAL stocks many aluminum gates in Fort Dodge, IA.

14. Does TYMETAL ship throughout the country?    [Top]
TYMETAL has gates installed in all 50 states, as well as in Canada and overseas. For international shipments, gates are containerized and shipped F.O.B. from New York plant or Texas plant.

15. Does TYMETAL produce a crash deterrent gate?    [Top]
TYMETAL offers a complete line of crash deterrent gates, beams, barriers, wedges, fence, and bollards.

16. Are delivery times for TYMETAL’s products long?    [Top]
No. TYMETAL leads the industry with the shortest lead-times available in the marketplace, often being in the two week range from time of approved shop drawings to shipment from our facility.

17. What does “hardening” a gate mean?    [Top]
To harden a gate means to add members to it to strengthen it for enhanced deterrence upon impact.