TYMETAL’s collection of gates, bollards, beams, fences, and barriers is the ideal solution for your commercial and industrial perimeter security needs. Solutions are available for any industry seeking crash-rated products for vehicle deterrence, with an experienced team in-house to provide design support for architects, engineers, and fencing contractors.

To see some of TYMETAL’s products in action, watch the videos below. For select products, videos are also available on the individual product details pages. If you’d like to learn more about these products or would like to get pricing information, call us or visit the contact us page for more information.

The TIGER security gate is designed for maximum protection even when power is lost. It features a manual hand crank that opens and closes the gate assuring access is only granted to those who you want inside.
TYMETAL’s K12 crash gates are built and tested to withstand a 15,000-pound vehicle moving at 50 miles per hour. If maximum protection is what you’re seeking then read more on our anti-ram crash gates.
An overhead view of a TYMETAL K12 crash gate stopping a 15,000-pound truck at 50mph. Our industrial crash gates can be applied to a variety of commercial situations. Check out our gallery for examples!
This is a real-time video of our K4 anti-vehicle beam stopping a 15,000-pound truck at 30 mph! TYMETAL’s crash beams go under rigorous crash testing to meet DOS and ASTM standards before they are pushed live to the market.
A slow-mo video of our k4 crash beam stopping a 15,000 pound truck in its tracks!
Each of our crash gates is tested at a certified 3rd party facility to meet DOS and ASTM standards for perimeter barrier security. To learn more about any of the products here contact us today.
A video about correctional facility PLUSS Gate.