DoD Anti-Ram Vehicle Barrier List

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TYMETAL Barriers on the DoD Anti-Ram Vehicle Barrier List

Every three months, the Department of Defense (DoD) publishes an approved list of manufacturers of anti-ram vehicle barriers that meet their testing standards. To appear on the DoD Anti-Ram Vehicle Barrier list, manufacturers must submit comprehensive documentation on their barriers, including dimensions, materials used, and detailed schematics. The barriers must also undergo extensive testing procedures to determine barrier and penetration ratings.

Simply put, if the DoD includes a barrier in their quarterly list, the barrier is rated to be effective in controlling vehicle access when used in appropriate applications.

At TYMETAL, we take pride in our high-quality, American-made vehicle security barriers built to protect against high-speed vehicle attacks. For several years, TYMETAL barriers have appeared on the DoD-approved anti-ram vehicle barriers list for their superior stopping capabilities and long-lasting construction. All of our listed barriers meet the rigorous testing standards of ASTM International and the Department of State (DOS).

Explore the features of the TYMETAL barriers that made the 2021 DoD Anti-Ram Vehicle Barrier list below.

TYMETAL’s Active Crash Gates on the DoD Anti-Ram Vehicle Barrier List

We engineer our crash-tested anti-ram gates to withstand impacts from 15,000-pound vehicles traveling at 30, 40 and 50 mph. Each of our crash tested gates meets DOS and ASTM standards for perimeter barrier resistance. When you need to protect a top-security location, our crash rated gates can give you peace of mind.

Here are our crash tested gates featured on the DoD’s list:

TCGR-12 Box Frame Cantilevered Slide Gate With Crash Beam — M50-P2

The TCGR-12 box frame gate is lightweight and flexible while also sturdy enough to withstand severe crashes. The aluminum frame is lighter and easier to install than traditional steel frames, and it is stiff enough to mitigate damage during harsh weather conditions. With its open box design, you can fill it with any fencing style to match existing fencing.

The DoD has certified the TCGR-12 gate with an M50-P2 rating for both a 16-foot clear opening and a 26-foot clear opening. The maximum clear opening width is 26 feet with heights up to 20 feet.

TCG-4 Cantilevered Slide Gate With Crash Beam — M30-P1

TYMETALl’s TCG-4 cantilevered slide gate comes standard at 8 feet tall, with clear openings from 12 feet to 20 feet. The height specifications can be adjusted to suit your needs. Like the TCGR-12, the TCG-4 features an open aluminum frame that allows you to fill it with existing fence designs, so it matches the rest of your structure.

This model can either be opened manually or mechanically, with up to 3-feet-per-second operating speeds. Because of its lightweight and durable aluminum design, this model is perfect for applications where the gate will open many times in a single day.


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TYMETAL’s Active Drop-Arm Crash Beams on the DoD Anti-Ram Vehicle Barrier List

TYMETAL has been engineering high-quality crash-rated beams for over 35 years. Operators can run crash-rated beams manually with a counterweight or with a powered assembly. The electro-mechanical versions use a gearbox, linkage assembly and an electric motor to raise and lower the beam for passage. The hydraulic versions allow for custom speeds with built-in start and stop control. A NEMA all-weather enclosure protects the hydraulic controller from the elements.

We manufacture the complete crash-rated beam system in-house to ensure each crash beam we make can stand the test of time. Here are our crash beams that made the DoD barrier list:

TCRB-12 Crash Rated Beam — M50-P1

The ASTM has certified our TCRB-12 Crash Rated Beam with an M50-P1 rating — the highest possible crash rating. For heavy-duty applications where vehicle impacts are a significant concern, the TCRB-12 beam can resist impacts from vehicles traveling up to 50 mph and only allow the vehicle to move 1 meter (3.3 feet) or less past the barrier, creating the ultimate anti-truck barrier. The barrier allows for clear openings from 12 feet to 24 feet.

The TCRB-12 comes standard with an aluminum arm, pivot stanchion, and receiver stanchion. You can choose between a manual construction with a counterweight or a powered assembly for automatic opening and closing. Optional features for automated models include traffic lights, warning beacons, magnetic locks and loop detectors.  Custom paint colors are available.

TCRB-4 Crash Rated Beam — M30-P1

The TCRB-4 Crash Rated Beam is ASTM certified with an M30-P1 rating, stopping vehicles moving at 30 mph within 1 meter (3.3 feet) or less of the barrier. This barrier allows for clear openings from 10 feet to 26 feet.

Like the TCRB-12, the TCRB-4 includes an aluminum arm, pivot stanchion, and receiver stanchion and is available either as a manual, electro-mechanical or hydraulic unit. Like the TCRB-12, Optional features for automated models include warning beacons, magnetic locks, traffic lights, loop detectors and custom paint colors.

TYMETAL’s Passive Cable on the DoD Anti-Ram Vehicle Barrier List

In addition to providing first-class security, our post-and-cable fencing systems are easy to install and maintain and long-lasting, so you get the most out of your investment. You can also install crash cable systems behind existing chain link or decorative fencing to provide security while also maintaining aesthetics.

TYMETAL offers a variety of passive cable fences depending on your security needs, including:

  • M50-P1
  • M50-P2
  • M30-P1
  • M30-P2

Here is our post-and-rail fence that made the DoD’s list:

TCF-CR-50P1 Post and Cable Crash Fencing — M50-P1

TYMETAL’s TCF-CR-50P1 post and cable crash fencing is ASTM-certified with an M50-P1 rating, signifying its ability to stop vehicles traveling up to 50 mph and only allow the vehicle to move 1 meter (3.3 feet) past the barrier. The impact-resistant qualities of these barriers make for the perfect final denial barrier for your operation. The posts stand 48 feet tall and are installed 16 feet apart for in-line posts and 64 feet apart for terminal posts.

You can install the TCF-CR-50P1 behind existing fencing for an unobtrusive aesthetic or leave it as-is.  The finish alternatives include galvanizing or powder/color coating.  You can also cover the cables with decorative rail covers.

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Choose TYMETAL’s DoD-Certified Barrier Solutions

When you need a security solution you can trust, TYMETAL is here for you. Whether you choose from over 25 of our manufactured perimeter security products or need a completely custom vehicle barrier design, we can provide what you need. The most current standard drawings and specifications are always available on this website, and a dedicated team of specification professionals is ready to assist with any particular project needs.

TYMETAL is the leading security gate manufacturer in the United States. Since our founding in 1985, we have shipped hundreds of anti-vehicle barriers throughout the country. With manufacturing plants in Texas and New York, we have delivered security gates across all 50 states.

We carry solutions for many industries and operations, including:

Wherever you need protection, TYMETAL has you covered. Contact us today if you have any questions or would like to discuss any of our offerings.