Pedestrian Gates

2150 Swing Gate

Double Clear Openings up to 12'

2200 Swing Gate

Clear Openings up to 5'

High-Security Pedestrian Gates

Gatekeepers at maximum-security correctional facilities need pedestrian gates they can rely on for the safe and secure movement of inmates. TYMETAL’s durable, high-quality pedestrian security gates are designed to meet the high demands of a correctional facility’s security needs. Our pedestrian gates are tamper-resistant, weather-resistant, and virtually maintenance-free. With gate access control options and versatile widths and heights, TYMETAL’s maximum-security gates are ideal for high-use passageways.

Based on new UL 325 regulations, correctional facilities must provide a separate entrance for pedestrians. Do not take on liability risk by allowing pedestrian traffic to enter through a vehicle access point. TYMETAL’s pedestrian security gates offer the highest-quality automatic gate systems for the safe movement of inmates through a correctional facility.

Pedestrian gate product offerings include the 2150 Swing Gate System with double clear openings up to 12 feet and the 2200-A Swing Gate System with clear openings up to five feet. TYMETAL Corp. manufactures pedestrian swing gate systems with 10-gauge hot-dip galvanized steel for a virtually indestructible product. Our systems are fully assembled at the factory and shipped to your project site ready for quick and easy installation.

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Pedestrian Swing Gates for Maximum Security

Our high-security pedestrian gates offer a complete system with matched gate and operator components for reliability and performance. The key benefits of a TYMETAL pedestrian security gate include:

  • Reliability and durability: Pedestrian swing gates must hold up to daily use without sustaining damage. Ten-gauge hot-dip galvanized steel ensures our gates are virtually indestructible when faced with regular use, inclement weather, or intentional tampering.
  • Security: Controlled swinging motion assures continual lock alignment with minimal maintenance. Greater reliability results in higher security.
  • High quality: We use factory quality-controlled processes, certified welders, and the highest-quality materials for superior strength and longevity. We also conduct rigorous design testing of all our automatic gate systems.
  • Gate access control options: We can engineer your pedestrian security gate systems with a wide selection of access control equipment, including card readers, cameras, and electro-mechanical locks.

Versatile Pedestrian Security Gate Systems

TYMETAL’s maximum-security swing gates are available in a variety of dimensions, from 42-inch to 72-inch clear opening widths and an 84-inch clear height for single swing gates. Double gate systems for correctional facilities are available upon request. Contact us online for more information on various sizes and designs.

Engineered Solutions: The TYMETAL Advantage

For more than 25 years, TYMETAL has been the industry leader in designing and manufacturing robust automatic gate security systems. We even offer Computer-Aided Design (CAD) services and custom gate solutions for your unique security needs.

When you choose our high-security pedestrian gates, you’re getting the best swing gate system in today’s correctional market. Our fully assembled, ready-to-install products are shipped nationwide to installers from our locations in New York and Texas. We’re proud to be your single source for designing and engineering superior pedestrian gates for maximum security correctional facilities.

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To learn more or receive a quote on one of our pedestrian swing gate systems, contact us online today. TYMETAL is the automatic gate company of choice when openings need to be secured. View more examples of our pedestrian gate gallery.

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