Truckstopper 3 Fixed Bollard


(Similar to K4 and ASTM F2656 M30-P1)


For a permanent security solution that combines outstanding durability with aesthetic appeal, choose the Truckstopper 3 K4-type bollard. This zero-penetration bollard is lightweight and easy to install but provides an impressive amount of stopping power for your high-security concerns.

The Truckstopper 3 bollard system offers commercial, municipal, government and military sites across the country a “moderate plus” level of protection. The result is zero penetration (upon impact) from medium-duty truck-based attacks or unintentional vehicular collisions at busy commercial sites (also tested at a 45 degree vehicle impact angle). It has been manufactured using an innovative spring steel design that can stop a 16,534 lb. (7.5 metric ton) truck traveling at 30 mph, according to crash test data. The bollard system includes durable rebar and an eye-catching 316L stainless steel shroud/cover.

The Truckstopper 3 bollard system can only be installed to be fixed/static — an ideal bollard solution for airports, banks and other permanent high-security areas. If removable bollards are required within an array, Truckstopper 6-30 removable bollards can be substituted/mixed with Truckstopper 3. The shrouds are the same, and there would be no visible difference. The Truckstopper 3 can be installed either as a single bollard for smaller areas or a large array of building-surrounding solutions, depending on your facility’s security needs. It features a shallow 20-1/4″ depth.


Vehicle Test Weight Vehicle Speed Vehicle Angle Vehicle Penetration
16,534 lbs. 30 mph 90 0.0’ (0 meters)
16,534 lbs. 30 mph 45 10.8’ (3.3 meters)


The Truckstopper 3 is favored by our US customers for use in applications like:

  • Municipal
  • Airports
  • Commercial
  • Government Buildings and Facilities
  • Conference centers
  • Critical infrastructures
  • Energy producing sites such as power stations

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