Carstopper 30 Removable Or Fixed Bollard


At Tymetal Corp., we’re proud to offer an extensive selection of both fixed and removable bollards to meet the security needs of organizations across the country. One such system is the Carstopper 30 bollard system, which is a PAS 68 crash-tested bollard. The Carstopper 30 bollard system was created to protect a storefront or high pedestrian area. It has been engineered and crash tested to stop a 1.5 metric ton vehicle (3,306 lbs.) traveling at 30 mph— the ideal solution for any organization on a busy street corner or a business guarding valuable assets. Its system includes a 316L stainless steel shroud/cover and rebar.

The PAS 68 crash-tested bollard system is designed for your ultimate security and convenience. It can be installed to be either fixed/static or removable and as a single bollard or an array, based on your specific security needs. Its footing depth is 10.5” (plus the depth of the sidewalk (4”) or pavers (3”)).


Vehicle Test Weight Vehicle Speed Vehicle Angle Vehicle Penetration
3,306 lbs. 30 mph 90 5.8’ (1.76 meters)


The Carstopper 30 is the perfect fixed or removable bollard for applications such as:

  • Storefronts
  • Banks
  • Conference centers
  • Critical infrastructures
  • Lobby entrances
  • Parks
  • Retail locations

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