Truckstopper 9 Removable Or Fixed Bollard


(Similar to K12 & ASTM F2656 M50-P3)

The Truckstopper 9-50 K12-type bollard packs a high degree of protection into a compact package. This M50-P3 type bollard combines an affordable design, a shallow foundation depth and the highest level of protection for your security concerns.

The Truckstopper 9-50 bollard offers the advantage of a shallow footing system with interlock design that gives commercial, municipal, government and military sites the highest level of protection from both terroristic medium-duty truck based attacks and accidental vehicular impact. Safetyflex engineers have designed this K12-type bollard with advanced technology that can stop a 15,873 lb. (7.2 metric ton) truck traveling at 50 mph. The Truckstopper 9-50 bollard system features rebar and an aesthetically appealing 316L stainless steel shroud/cover.

This K12-type bollard system can handle both periodic use and persistent security challenges. Install either as removable bollards you can reinstall for numerous events or as fixed/static systems for permanent coverage. They can be installed as a single bollard or as an array of bollards surrounding your building, depending on your specific situation and security needs. The footing depth is 7 7/8” plus the depth of the side walk (4”) or pavers (3”) — shallow enough for easy installation without having to re-divert your utilities.


Vehicle Test Weight Vehicle Speed Vehicle Angle Vehicle Penetration
15,873 lbs. 50 mph 90 34.5′ (10.5 meters)

Because of its exceptional combination of strength and affordability, a wide variety of organizations trust their perimeter security to the Truckstopper 9-50. Its most common applications include:

  • Municipal
  • Airports
  • Commercial
  • Government Buildings and Facilities
  • Embassies
  • Conference centers
  • Critical infrastructures
  • Energy producing sites such as power stations

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