Truckstopper 10-30 Surface Mount Bollard


(Similar to K4 and ASTM F2656 M30 P3)

Bring added protection and aesthetic appeal to your perimeter with the Truckstopper 10-30 — an affordable bollard security solution designed for municipal, commercial, military and government sites. With this K4 bollard’s surface-mount design, you can heighten your security efforts in nearly any area of your facility — even spaces that won’t allow for traditional embedded bollards.

The Truckstopper 10-30 surface mount bollard system provides moderate protection from traffic accidents and medium-duty truck-based terroristic threats where embedment is not possible (no embedment necessary). The system requires 8” minimum of existing concrete to attach to. It has been engineered and tested by Safetyflex engineers to stop a 15,873 lb. (7.2 metric ton) truck traveling toward the building at 30 mph. The Truckstopper 10-30 bollard system includes rebar for added durability and an attractive 316L stainless steel shroud/cover.

Install this K4 surface-mount bollard system to be removable for periodic perimeter security or fixed/static for permanent structures. You can also order a single bollard or several systems, depending on the scale of your security needs.


Vehicle Test Weight Vehicle Speed Vehicle Angle Vehicle Penetration
15,873 lbs. 30 mph 90 26.9’ (8.2 meters)


The Truckstopper 10-30 K4 surface-mount bollard is an ideal solution for numerous security applications. Some popular uses include:

  • Municipal
  • Commercial
  • Government Buildings and Facilities
  • Conference centers
  • Critical infrastructures
  • Energy producing sites such as power stations

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