Crash Gates

Reinforced Slide Gate

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Reinforced Vertical Lift Gate

Clear Openings up to 30’

TCG-4 Cantilevered Slide Gate (U.S. DOS K4)

Clear Openings from 12' to 30'

TCG-12 Cantilever Slide Gate (U.S. DOS K12)

Clear Openings from 12 to 30 feet

Crash Gates

For any application that has security as a top concern, Tymetal Corp. manufactures a full line of crash-tested gates capable of standing up to heavy impacts. Whether you’re securing the perimeter of a government building or a corporate compound, our crash gates give you the peace of mind knowing important barriers are fully protected against accidents and vehicle-based attacks.

As a worldwide leader in aluminum security gate manufacturing, we bring more than 25 years of industry expertise to everything we do. We’re your single source capable of delivering the highest quality custom-made crash tested gates that are reliable and built to deliver years of trouble-free use. Our proud industry reputation is based on decades of experience and a professional staff dedicated to exceptional customer care.

Crash Tested Gates You Can Rely On

Each of our crash gates is tested at a certified third-party facility to meet DOS and ASTM standards for perimeter barrier resistance. During testing, gates are subjected to an impact from a 15,000 lb. vehicle traveling at least 30 mph. Where other crash tested gates fold under pressure, our crash gates provide the protection you need to keep your location safe and secure.

Reinforced slide and vertical lift gates, cantilever slide gates, vertical pivot gates and complete fortified impact gate systems are all available. We also offer crash beams rated to U.S. Navy and DOS K4 and K12 standards, fixed and removable bollards, surface mounted plate barriers and shallow mounted vehicle barriers.

Each crash gate is built to order in either our Texas or New York manufacturing plant. In addition to our wide range of standard products, we also provide design services that incorporate your unique needs into a custom product.

Why Tymetal Corp.?

Tymetal Corp. is the only company with the design, testing and manufacturing capacities to create crash gates strong enough to meet the expanded needs of today’s security professionals. We’re able to manufacture crash gates capable of securing everything from small entrance points to openings up to 30 feet wide. Best of all, we’re a single-source supplier that designs, engineers and builds each individual gate component in our barrier systems.

Our factory quality controlled process not only equates to superior crash tested gates, but it also allows us to greatly reduce cycle times, even for custom products. This ensures that all crash gate parts have been designed to work together with optimal efficiency.

When the security of a high-priority compound is at stake, you need the certainty that only a Tymetal Corp. crash gate can deliver. Our crash tested gates are used everywhere from airports, military bases and power stations to entertainment complexes and other facilities where security is a prime concern.

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If you need to secure a perimeter, you need the best. You need Tymetal Corp.! When your project requires a crash tested gate or any other form of secure opening, contact us today to learn more about how our crash gates can help.