Springline 50 Crash Fence


When the highest levels of perimeter security are necessary to protect an area, you can rely on a crash fence from SafetyFlex.  Our tested Springline 50 Crash Fence can stop a truck weighing about 15,800 lbs. moving at 50 mph.  Spring steel technology allows the fence to redirect force back into the impacting vehicle, reducing the need for replacement after impact in some situations.

Designed to safeguard your perimeter, our Springline 50 Crash Fence also keeps buildings, people, assets and other vital components safe from vehicle accidents. In addition, it can serve as a safety solution for hostile vehicle mitigation, preventing attacks from terrorists and other criminal acts.

No matter if you install the HVM crash fence in short or long runs, you can apply them to critical sites such as:

  • Airports
  • Conference centers
  • Critical infrastructure
  • Government buildings
  • Military bases
  • Oil and gas infrastructure
  • Police stations
  • Sports complexes

This technological breakthrough in shallow mount crash fences also permits installation into soft ground. This SafetyFlex crash fence will remain effective even if you use them in environments with clay or sand foundations.

Another advantage of our crash fence is that they don’t need a deep foundation — they only require a 400mm burial depth. The shallow mount design doesn’t need heavy transport to move it to and from your site because we deliver it in broken down kits with ready-made rebar configurations. Because they’re fitted and tested in soft ground, the fence can be installed with a three-man team which saves time, lowers installation costs and conserves resources.

If you need quick access to your area, you can remove parts of the crash fence with ease and put them back in little time. As opposed to other options on the market, SafetyFlex barriers do not need special fittings or posts if you want to alter the direction of your corners or angles. Even if you’re going to terminate the fence run, you can use the standard pieces provided.

For additional protection, you can install crash fences against standard gates that are rarely used, as you can remove specific parts of the fence for quick access when you do need to open the gate. If attacked by a ramming truck or other vehicle, you will only need to replace a short section because the majority of the fence will remain intact.

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Tymetal Corp. is your single source when in need someone to provide crash fence solutions. As the North American distributor of SafetyFlex products, we offer an extensive range of perimeter security solutions to secure nearly any opening. With a solid reputation built over 30 years, our experts will provide complete service to project owners and designers before, during and after the sale.

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