Metal Fabrication Services

Along with our perimeter security solutions, TYMETAL is a one stop shop for custom metal fabrication projects. We have the capabilities to handle all facets of the fabrication process and our Sales and Engineering Teams will work with you to find the most effective way to successfully complete your projects.

Waterjet Cutting

TYMETAL offers 5-axis Waterjet Cutting Services, with our Flow Mach 500 4020 equipped with the Dynamic XD cutting head.  The Mach 500 has ultrahigh-pressure pump technology, machine control, cutting heads, industry-leading software, and advanced wrist articulation. With this machine and our skilled operators, we can waterjet cut virtually any material, with minimal waste and quick turnaround times. 

Laser Cutting

TYMETAL offers a full range of Laser Cutting Services utilizing our Bystronic BySprint Pro 4020. Bystronic, a leading Swiss producer of high-end equipment, provides the best value and most versatile laser for the needs of our customers. TYMETAL can create the parts you need to your exact specifications with no minimum order size and minimal material restrictions. With our state-of-the-art BySprint Pro 4020 and nesting software, our engineers and laser-cutting service operators ensure that your parts are cut with accuracy and consistency.

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Plasma Cutting

TYMETAL offers Plasma Cutting Services for both carbon and stainless steel with greater cut consistency and faster cut speeds than can be achieved with manual cutting. Our Hypertherm HPR 260XD equipment was sourced to produce consistent quality cuts, piece by piece, to the agreed upon tolerances. From the precise piercing to start the cut to the bolt holes to the final cuts, we take pride in our work, and we’re proud to offer reliable plasma cutting services to our customers.

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TYMETAL offers both precision robotic ARC welding and a team of AWS Certified Welders. We have the ability to create the steel fabrications and products you need for your operations, be it large production runs that call for Robotic Welding or complicated one-off projects that require a skilled welder, we have the flexibility to meet your project’s welding needs.

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CNC Machining

TYMETAL offers both high precision and large scale CNC Machining to create the parts you need to your exact specifications with no minimum order size or material restrictions. From CNC milling to drilling, slotting and more, our engineers and skilled operators take great pride in delivering consistent, quality, and custom CNC work.

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CNC Bending

TYMETAL offers precision CNC bending to create the steel parts and products you need for your operations. We can achieve most bends on a wide variety of materials, ranging from 18 gauge sheet up to ½” thick plate. Our equipment was sourced and our operators are trained to produce consistent quality bends, piece by piece, to the agreed-upon tolerances.

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Shot Blasting

TYMETAL offers Shot Blasting Services where our objective is to provide the right surface for paint preparation and material restoration. We also remove mill scale, oxidation, and heavy rust as specified by you. Our blast booth can accommodate a range of material and project sizes from small parts to large trucks for an efficient shot blasting process. Our equipment has the capacity to handle a range of blasting media and when you partner with us, we can help find the most suitable options for your project.

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Metal Painting

TYMETAL offers metal painting for smaller parts, individual products, and larger equipment in an array of colors and with standard or specialized primers as specified by your project’s requirements. With your consultation, our objective is to provide the right primer and paint for prolonging the life of your material.

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If you are in the Northeast U.S. and are looking for experienced fabricators, contact us. We take tremendous pride in our work, and this relentless pursuit of perfection is evident at every stage of the process. Whether you have a turn-key metal fabrication project or you just need a specific operation completed, we are poised to help and look to establish a fruitful, long-term business partnership.  

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