Fab Shop in Vermont

When you need metal fabrication services in Vermont, TYMETAL. is ready to help. We offer a wide range of custom fabrication options to meet your requirements precisely. Our highly experienced team can match your exact specifications, fabricating metal sheeting to fit your applications.

Metal Fabrication Services in Vermont

Over the past 35 years, TYMETAL has offered various metalworking services to create the highest quality solutions for our clients. Whatever your requirements, you can partner with us to get trusted products for your applications. We can design and manufacture complete systems for your operations. With a wide range of available services, we can work with various metal materials of different widths and types to create products that meet your specifications.

Areas in Vermont We Serve

We’re here to meet your custom fabrication requirements, no matter where you’re located. We provide services throughout all the counties in Vermont:

  • Addison
  • Bennington
  • Caledonia
  • Chittenden
  • Essex
  • Franklin
  • Grand Isle
  • Lamoille
  • Orange
  • Orleans
  • Rutland
  • Washington
  • Windham
  • Windsor

Fabrication Services We Provide

Whatever your operational requirements, our highly experienced team can help prepare optimized solutions for your needs. We offer a wide range of custom fabrication options in Vermont:

  • Waterjet cutting:  We use our Flow Mach 500 4020 to provide five-axis Waterjet Cutting Services. This option allows us to waterjet cut various materials quickly while minimizing waste.
  • Laser cutting:  When you choose our comprehensive laser cutting services, we use our Bystronic BySprint Pro 4020to create parts that precisely match your specifications.
  • Plasma cutting:  We provide plasma cutting options for carbon and stainless steel surfaces, offering increased cut consistency and speed with our Hypertherm HPR 260XD.
  • Welding:  At TYMETAL, we have a team of AWS-certified welders to work on unique precision products. We can also provide precision robotic ARC welding for larger production runs.
  • CNC machining: When you need large-scale or precision CNC machining, we can design parts to fit your specifications. We have no material restrictions or minimum order size.
  • CNC bending:  To fabricate steel parts for your applications, we offer precision CNC bending for a wide range of materials of various thicknesses.
  • Shot blasting:  Our shot blasting services can remove oxidation, heavy rust, or mill scale to prepare metal surfaces for painting or material restoration.
  • Metal painting:  For individual products, parts, or more extensive equipment, we can provide metal painting with the colors and specialized primers your applications require.

Choose TYMETAL for Custom Fabrication in Vermont

At TYMETAL, we’re a leading metal fabricator and gate systems manufacturer with broad expertise in the field. We offer comprehensive customer service, working with project owners and designers before, during and after the sale. We also offer customized specifications, drawings, technical support and field service for our products.

When it comes to engineered solutions and metal fabrication, TYMETAL leads the way! Learn more about our products and offerings for your requirements and get in touch with us today.