CNC Plate/Sheet Bending

At Tymetal, CNC bending is one of our specialties. Our expertise and the cutting-edge equipment we have at our metal fabrication shop allow us to produce a large array of bending angles. Our material sizing capability ranges from 18 gauge to 1/2 inch thickness and up to 14-foot length sheets. Our CNC bending capacities (100-ton brake and 320-ton brake) allow us to bend all types of materials including carbon and high-strength steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.

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When you partner with our custom metalworking shop, we work with you to find the most efficient and cost-effective method, and we stock a large number of dies to provide short lead time service when needed.

CNC Bending Machines/Models

  • Accupress Model 710012 custom up-fitted press brake
  • Accupress Model 732016 custom up-fitted press brake

Size Capabilities

  • Up to 14′ length sheets
  • 18 gauge to 1/2 inch thick

Tonnage Capabilities

  • 100 ton press brake
  • 320 ton press brake

Degree of Bends

  • 14 gauge & thinner over 90 degrees
  • 12 gauge & thicker up to 90 degrees


  • 18 cycles per minute @ 3″ stroke length


  • Custom modified ram open/closed height
  • Increased custom ram opening allows for specialty build items such as boxes, enclosures or panels

Ram Height

  • Ram open height: 24″
  • Ram closed height: 16″


  • Precision plate bending of wide variety of materials (carbon and high strength steel, stainless steel, aluminum)

Additional Features

  • Power ram tilt adjustment
  • CNC automatic gauging selection
  • Servo controlled CNC back gauge
  • Programmable tonnage reversal per program
  • Program stroke length, speed change point, bend allowance

Whether you are looking for a sheet metal bender or cutting-edge CNC bending for another material, we can handle it. Our metal fab shop takes pride in providing superior turnkey metal working that combines our metal fabrication expertise with state-of-the-art technology. Call us to learn more!

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