Laser Cutting

Tymetal’s Laser Cutting Capabilities

Our metal fabrication shop is set up to handle your needs from a single custom job to a high volume production run. Our engineering team and skilled operators work together with you to deliver the parts for your specific needs. Our laser cutting services ensure consistent quality. In fact, we strive for perfection. We make special requests routine!

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Benefits of Laser Cutting Services

  • Precise edge — when cutting with traditional methods, like a blade, it is not uncommon to see burrs or a rough finish that has to be buffed and smoothed out. This isn’t a problem relying on laser cutters.
  • Exact detail — laser beams do not wear. This improves precision. Additionally, because of the size of a typical laser and because they are guided by powerful computers, this allows for the creation of intricate designs that would otherwise be impossible to create.
  • Maximum efficiency — whether you are making a prototype or pumping out full-scale productions, laser cutters do not need to be adjusted or retooled, allowing for optimal efficiency when fabricating.

CNC Laser Manufacturer/Model

Bystronic BySprint Pro 4020 produced in Switzerland

Size Restrictions

No minimum size requirements. Capable of flat sheets:157 inches X 78 inches

  • 157″ long
  • 78″ wide
  • 3/4” thick for steel
  • 5/8” thick for stainless steel
  • 3/8″ thick for aluminum


  • Holds two-tenths of a thousandth-inch tolerance (0.002 inches)


  • 4400W


  • World class 3D programming software capable of handling the most challenging cutting requirements

Additional Features

  • Automated nozzle change and nozzle alignment
  • Engraving capabilities

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