Welding Services in the Northeast U.S.

At TYMETAL, we have a team of AWS Certified Welders and we also offer precision Robotic ARC Welding. All of our welders are AWS D1.1 certified, and we also have AWS D1.6 certified welders for stainless steel projects. For larger production runs, we offer Robotic Welding, where our programmers drive the process, and our experienced operators provide the oversight to ensure consistency. Our capabilities allow us to weld a large array of shapes and sizes when volume welding with consistent precision is required.

If you have a custom metal fabrication project that requires welding, we have the capabilities to meet your project’s needs. Contact us today to get your free consultation.

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Robotic Welding Model

  • FANUC ArcMate 120iL
  • Six axis, electricservo-driven
  • RJ3 FANUC controller

Size Capabilities

  • Dual 8′ long tables
  • 6′ long reach

Quantity Capabilities

  • Unlimited on the upside
  • Minimum order sizes depending on application

Robot Motion Speed

  • 140 degrees per second (2.44 radius per second)
  • When you have a metalworking project that needs to be done to the highest standards, call Fort Miller FAB3.

Robot Motion Range

  • +275 -135 degrees


  • Precision welding of a wide variety of materials including carbon, high-strength and stainless steel

Advantages of Robotic Welding 

Robotic welding is an efficient method of crafting intricately cut metal pieces at a cost-effective price point. Unlike traditional welding methods, robotic welding eliminates the possibility of human error. It also produces parts that are smooth and are ready for use. In addition, when you opt for robotic welding on your project, you’ll receive uniform pieces at record speed.

Robotic welding has the following advantages over traditional welding:

  • Speed: With robotic welding, you can weld multiple pieces of metal within a short time frame. This efficiency allows for a quick production cycle, especially for larger production runs. If you have a particularly demanding welding run, consider using robotics.
  • Consistent quality: When you use robotic welding, you’ll receive the same precise welding quality for every piece of metal. Robotic welding produces repeatable results with uniform speed, angles and accuracy of up to +0.04 millimeters. 
  • Cost-efficiency: The increased productivity and decreased labor of robotic welding make it a cost-effective option. You can print more uniform pieces for less with robotic welding. 
  • Decreased waste: Robotic welding produces less welding waste than traditional techniques, and it uses fewer gases, fluxes and fillers. With less waste and materials necessary for production, you’ll save in the long run and help sustainability efforts. 

Advantages of AWS Certified Welding

At TYMETAL, each of our welders is (American Welding Society) AWS certified and experienced in the field. Professionals with these certifications have taken comprehensive welding courses to become experts in their craft and provide you with the best service possible. Every AWS certified welder receives their documentation on a performance-based scale and understands how to weld everything from structural steel and sheet metal to petroleum piping and chemical refining equipment. 

Our AWS-certified welders in the Northeast U.S. can bring a human touch to your welding project and provide you with the expertise necessary when robotic welding is insufficient. Enjoy excellent results that are the best in the industry. 

Why Choose TYMETAL’s Welding Services?

From welding and metal bending to plasma cutting, we’re experienced in all facets of transforming metal into a refined end product. As a company that works with both manual and robotic welding, we can offer you both the handcrafted touch of human craftsmanship and the precision of cutting-edge technology. 

Where Do We Serve? 

Our New York fabrication plant serves several states across the mid-Atlantic United States, including:

  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Massachusetts
  • New Hampshire
  • Vermont
  • Maine

With locations in more than half a dozen states, it’s easy to find a TYMETAL welding shop near you. 

Choose TYMETAL as Your Welding Contractor

TYMETAL uses robotic welding services in the Northeast U.S. to develop your projects with innovative technology, an expert AWS-certified welding touch or a bit of both. We’re dedicated to delivering a flawless product, whether you need welding and metal bending or plasma and laser cutting. Visit us at our New York location or contact us today to learn more about how we can transform your metalwork projects. 

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