Welding Services in the Northeast U.S.

At Tymetal we have a team of AWS Certified Welders and we also offer precision Robotic ARC Welding.  All of our welders are AWS D1.1 certified, and we also have AWS D1.6 certified welders for stainless steel projects.  For larger production runs, we offer Robotic Welding, where our programmers drive the process, and our experienced operators provide the oversight to ensure consistencyOur capabilities allow us to weld a large array of shapes and sizes when volume welding with consistent precision is required.

If you have a custom metal fabrication project that requires welding, we have the capabilities to meet your project’s needs. Contact us today to get your free consultation.

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Robotic Welding Model

  • FANUC ArcMate 120iL
  • Six axis, electricservo-driven
  • RJ3 FANUC controller

Size Capabilities

  • Dual 8′ long tables
  • 6′ long reach

Quantity Capabilities

  • Unlimited on the upside
  • Minimum order sizes depending on application

Robot Motion Speed

  • 140 degrees per second (2.44 radius per second)
When you have a metal working project that need to be done to the highest standards, call Fort Miller FAB3.

Robot Motion Range

  • +275 -135 degrees


  • Precision welding of wide variety of materials including carbon, high strength and stainless stainless

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