TYM-HYD Box Frame Cantilever Gate System

TYMETAL Fortress Box Frame Cantilever Slide Gate, matched with a TYM-HYD hydraulic operator for your single source gate system solution.


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TYM-HYD VF2/VF3 Gate Operator

The TYM-HYD VF2 and VF3 (VF2 and VF3, UL class III and IV only) operators are designed for gates up to 5,000 lbs moving at high speeds. The variable frequency drive is capable of moving the gate at speeds of up to 36 inches per second. TYM-HYD VF models close gates to a precise stopping point and are extremely easy on gate hardware. TYM-HYD VF operators use a variable frequency drive, larger wheels and a higher flow rate pump to reach 2 to 3 feet per second.

The Smart Touch Controller

This groundbreaking technology is the brain of the TYM-HYD operators.  Built very ruggedly to reliably serve in the harshest environments, the Smart Touch Controller can quickly be configured by an installer or user to adapt to nearly any site-specific functional requirement. All system settings are performed with the use of four programming buttons and an LCD display. The Smart Touch Controller has no switches to set.

An RS232 port for external communication is standard. An EEPROM records date-stamped system events. A log of events can be downloaded from the RS232 port to a laptop computer to evaluate abnormal gate system operation. HySecurity HY-5A vehicle detectors set a new industry standard by communicating valuable performance data to the Smart Touch controller, allowing quick and deep, user-friendly diagnostics.