Box Frame Roller Gate

*For larger clear opening widths contact TYMETAL. Clear opening widths for all security gates will vary depending on several factors, including infill options, wind load, and location. Custom distances are available.

TYMETAL’s Fortress Box Frame Roller Gate represents a dramatic breakthrough in the design, construction, and performance of large roller gates by using a specially designed wheel system. Openings up to 500 feet have been protected using this design. Contact us today to discuss this barrier in more detail. We also invite you to request drawings and specifications and take advantage of our extensive in-house resources.

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When the gate is operating under normal load, the wheels run on the flat surfaces of the top and side of a steel beam. As wind begins to put lateral pressure on the gate, the width of the wheel system and its low center of gravity tends to keep the gate in place. However, when the wind load is strong enough to cause the wheels to lift from the beam, the safety guides come in contact with the underside of the top flange of the track and the gate remains safely anchored to the ground.

Our Box Frame Roller Gates are fabricated from 6063-T6 aluminum alloy extrusions. The primary members (top and bottom) are “P” shaped in cross-section. The vertical members alternate between 1” x 2” and 1” x 1” in cross-section and are spaced apart at a distance not to exceed the overall height of the box frame. The gate is constructed in “box” form with the width between the frames measuring 24” from outside to outside.

Roller wheel trolley assemblies are bolted to the box frame and pre-specified intervals. Each assembly consists of several steel members which are welded together to provide the support to which the axle is secured. The gate rolls on two parallel tracks which are embedded in concrete so that the top of the track is level with the ground surface.