Telescoping Box Frame Roller Gate

The Tymetal Telescoping Box Frame Roller Gate (US Patent # 8,181,689 B2) is a ground track roller gate that includes an internal extension gate which allows smaller gates to close bigger openings. For example, a 60 ft opening could be closed by a gate that has an overall length of less than 37 ft (prior cantilever designs would have required 90 ft)!


  • Closes large openings but stores in a small space (a 50-60% decrease compared to standard Cantilever designs).
  • Stores in slightly over 1/2 the clear opening length. Parked Length = (C.O. + 13 ft)/2
  • Uses a standard gate operator.
  • Closes openings up to 83 ft.
  • Safety clips are additional high wind protection to help prevent gate tip-over in high windconditions.
  • All gate panels are supported by anti-friction ball or roller bearings resulting in low operating forces, low maintenance, and extended gate service life.
  • Available with various infills (i.e. chain link or ornamental pickets).