Fortress Heavy Duty Overhead Slide Gate

*For larger clear opening widths contact TYMETAL. Clear opening widths for all security gates will vary depending on several factors, including infill options, wind load, and location. Custom options are available.

TYMETAL’s Fortress Heavy Duty Overhead Slide Gate solves closure requirements that are particularly rigorous. Truly a specialty gate, the Heavy Duty Overhead Slide Gate is made to withstand greater than normal stresses in very large openings. Contact us today to discuss this barrier in more detail. We also invite you to request drawings and specifications and take advantage of our extensive in-house resources.



Our Overhead Slide Gates have been installed in demanding applications all over the US and Canada. Special features and design improvements, learned from years of experience in extreme high-use environments, reinforce the gate panel in critical areas. The installation method is versatile, as the gate may be hung between three pairs of 4” OD posts with a structural steel support beam or wall mounted with the appropriate support system.

The Heavy Duty Overhead Slide Gate track is fabricated from 6063-T6 aluminum alloy extrusions. The primary members (top and bottom) are rectangular shaped in cross-section with outside vertical members “P” shaped in cross-section.

TYMETAL includes cross bracing of 3/16” minimum diameter stainless steel cable throughout the gate panel to keep the frame members square. Special bottom guide assemblies are included for each side of the gate and we also supplies a minimum of two self-aligning, 4-wheeled, sealed, ball-bearing truck assemblies with each gate.