Security Gates for Financial Institutions

Planter Bollard Barrier PAS68 installed outside a bank

Banks and financial institutions are some of the most essential facilities in today’s society. In addition to housing large sums of money, they also store important data such as sensitive customer information.

Because they contain money and valuable information, banks and financial institutions are often targets of criminal activity. It’s vital that you protect your bank or financial building, and you can do so with gates. Perimeter gates for financial institutions are highly effective security tools to keep your facility safe. At TYMETAL, we provide custom security gates for banks that address all of your perimeter safety needs.

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Custom Security Solutions for Banks

At TYMETAL, we design and manufacture custom security gates for banks, providing complete systems made to meet your specific needs. We use our CAD drawing systems to complete a design to your specifications, and then manufacture gates using materials in our extensive inventory of supplies.

We know that you have unique and complex needs and that perimeter gates for financial institutions must also facilitate practical requirements such as regulating traffic flow in and out of the building. When we design your security gates, we consider all use factors to ensure we meet your needs.

We manufacture a wide range of metal gate designs, including:

  • Cantilevered gates: These gates are ideal for openings up to 120 feet wide. They feature a counter-balance design so they can easily slide out in a linear motion.
  • Swing gates: We can design our heavy-duty aluminum swing gates to match any features on your site. These gates close up to 24 or 48 feet for single or double gates, respectively.
  • Vertical lift gates: These gates are ideal for high-security applications and are also excellent space-savers.

We can also build special box-frame roller gates to close openings of up to 500 feet if you need more area coverage. Whatever type of gate you choose, we can make a wide range of changes to achieve your desired look and protection.

We can also help you pair your custom gate to an operator to ensure that it opens and closes smoothly with minimal maintenance. We will work with opener manufacturers to find the perfect solution for your bank or financial institution based on any specific design, regulatory, and safety requirements.

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Benefits of Protecting Banks With High-Security Gates

There are many benefits to investing in perimeter security for financial institutions, including:

  • Secure valuables: High-security gates from TYMETAL will help protect the valuables within your bank. Custom security gates for your bank allow you to effectively control and monitor who comes in and out so you can prevent theft and keep money and information safe.
  • Effective deterrent: Perimeter gates for financial institutions are visual indicators that your company takes security seriously. When people see the gates, they will know they can’t slip into your facility undetected.
  • Save money: Investing in perimeter gates for your financial institution can reduce the need for security guards to help save you money over the long-term.

Automatic gates for banks are critical to the security of your building. They prevent people from entering without your knowledge and keep the building secure even when you’re closed.

Your business could experience significant losses if your facility gets compromised. You will have to deal with lost revenue, incident response and reputation damage, all of which accumulate into a weighty financial blow that will generate lasting effects. By investing in custom security gates for your bank, you will lessen the chance of theft and keep your financial institution safe and secure.

Security Gates Your Financial Institution Can Count On

With more than 35 years of experience, TYMETAL is a leading security gate manufacturer in the U.S. We create custom gate solutions that will effectively protect your bank or financial institution. All of our custom security gates for banks feature high-quality, durable materials built to withstand variable weather conditions and normal wear and tear from everyday use.

At TYMETAL, we provide complete design services as well as custom specifications and drawings for security gates you can count on. Our technical services, including safety training, preventive maintenance and sales support, are also available before, during, and after your installation.

If you need to secure a perimeter, you need the best. You need TYMETAL! For more information, contact us to speak with a representative. We will review your requirements and give you a free quote for a custom gate solution that meets all of your needs.

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