Security Gates for Data Centers

Data centers are essential and valuable facilities. They hold all kinds of important data, from sensitive personal information to proprietary figures and more. Datacenter buildings are also some of the most sought-after real estate in the market, as they are typically larger properties constructed for enhanced durability.

Because data centers have such high value, protecting them is crucial. Security gates based on crash-tested designs should be used for data centers to enhance the protection surrounding your facility. At TYMETAL, we provide custom aluminum or steel gates that address all of your perimeter security needs.

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Custom-Made Security Solutions for Data Centers

At TYMETAL, we design and manufacture custom security gates for data centers. We offer complete systems made to meet your specific needs. Plus, we use our CAD drawing systems to create a design that meets your specifications and site-specific requirements, and we have an extensive inventory of special security-related materials and components to allow for a speedy manufacturing process.

Whether your data center is a government, commercial or industrial facility, we understand that your perimeter needs are unique and complex. Entrance gates for data centers must also facilitate practical aspects of the property, such as the traffic flow of employees and visitors.

We manufacture a complete range of metal gate designs to meet all different requirements. Our lineup includes:

  • Cantilevered gatesThese types of gates use a counter-balance design so they can slide out in a linear motion without any need for a ground track. They are ideal for openings up to 120 feet wide. Learn more about the difference between roller gates and cantilever gates.
  • Swing gatesOur heavy-duty aluminum swing gate closes up to 24 to 48 feet for single or double gates, respectively, and can match any element on your site.
  • Vertical lift gates: These are excellent space-savers ideal for high-security applications.

If you need your data center gate to cover more space, we can build special box-frame roller gates to close openings of up to 500 feet. Whatever style you choose, we can make a wide range of customized perimeter security solutions to achieve the look and perimeter protection you need.

We can also pair your custom gate with an operator to ensure smooth opening and closing with minimal maintenance. Let us know your specific design, regulatory, and safety needs, and we will work with operator manufacturers to ensure your operator meets your specifications.

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Benefits of Protecting Your Data Center

There are many benefits to protecting your data center, including:

  • Secure data: An essential benefit of protecting your data center is keeping the data itself safe. Without proper security, you leave your data vulnerable to theft and misuse. Reliable, secure entrance gates for data centers allow you to effectively control and monitor who comes in and out to keep your data safe.
  • Effective deterrent: Security gates for data centers are strong indicators that your company takes security very seriously. Just by looking at the premium highest quality TYMETAL gates, people will know they can’t slip past undetected.
  • Maintain value: Keeping your data center protected will help the building retain its high real estate value, as it will be less vulnerable to damage and theft.

Why Data Centers Need Security Gates

Automatic gates for data centers are crucial to the physical security of your building. Security gates prevent people from entering without your knowledge and keep the building secure during off-hours.

If your facility is compromised, it will cost your business significant amounts of time and money. Data breach expenses include lost revenue, reputation damage and incident response, all of which accumulate to a financial blow that will have lasting effects on your business. Investing in security gates for your data centers is an easy way to lessen the likelihood of a data breach and keep your business safe and secure.

Durable Commercial Gates to Protect Data Centers

TYMETAL is a leading security gate manufacturer in the U.S. with over 35 years of experience creating custom gate solutions for our customers. We have the knowledge and experience to provide the perfect gates to effectively protect your data center. We manufacture our security gates using durable, high-quality materials that will withstand the elements and normal wear and tear from everyday use.

We offer complete design services as well as custom specifications and drawings for reliable security gates. We also provide technical services before, during, and after your installation, including safety training, preventive maintenance, and sales support.

If you need to secure your perimeter, you need TYMETAL! To get started, contact us by phone or email to speak with a representative. We will review your requirements and provide a free quote for a custom gate solution that meets all of your needs.

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