Security Gates for Schools and Universities

Schools and universities contain much that is precious to us: Children and students first and foremost, and human knowledge second. Each new generation of students depends on their schools to provide safety and scholarship in equal measure.

According to the U.S. Census, more than 76 million students call their K-12 and university campuses “home” every single day. Whether they’re embarking on their primary education journey or just about to graduate from college, America’s students rely on their schools for a sense of scholastic sanctuary. But robust security doesn’t just happen by itself — it’s designed.

Custom-Engineered Security Gates for Schools

TYMETAL is a single-source designer, manufacturer, and supplier of robust security solutions for our nation’s schools and universities. Our gates are tough, but they sacrifice nothing when it comes to ease of use. They’ll get in the way of trespassers but never get in your way.

You can call on TYMETAL no matter what security challenges you might be facing. After working to understand your needs, we’ll put our extensive design and engineering experience to work. The result of this collaboration will be the delivery of a robust, well-designed, and reliable security gate that’s ready for installation at your site.

We’ve been serving as an industry leader in a variety of markets — including utilities, airports, schools, universities, border stations, and many other markets — for more than 30 years. Our custom-configured security gates for academic settings include:

Unlike other gate system suppliers, we match the gate operators with our customized gate designs each time. It’s part of what makes us an industry leader. As a single-source gate operator supplier and gate manufacturer, we help our customers keep costs down even while providing the highest lifetime value of any national gate manufacturer.

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Exceptionally Strong School Perimeter and Security Gates

Our single drive is to prove, with each new school security gate project, that nobody else goes to the lengths we do to provide reliability and long-term performance. We manufacture complete, fully bespoke systems that arrive ready for seamless installation in an existing structure, a new building or a campus that’s more clearly defining its security perimeter.

Importantly, we also manufacture our automatic school gates and school perimeter security products here in the United States. We’re happy to ship our products nationwide, but everything comes from right here at home in our Texas and New York manufacturing facilities.

We’re proud of our ability to provide nationwide gate and perimeter security coverage for schools. We’re even prouder to do it without losing our focus on our customers or our roots. You can count on each of our products to deliver performance that matches your, or anybody else’s, highest standards.

Leverage Unparalleled Security Gate Expertise

If you’re looking for a complete range of electric gates, perimeter security gates, and automatic gates for schools, TYMETAL is the only name you need to know. We won’t just tell you our security gates are the best in the business. We’ll prove it by:

  • Communicating openly and working to understand your complete security needs
  • Providing a convenient and transparent ordering process
  • Maintaining our productive relationship with live telephone support from representatives who understand our products and what you’re trying to accomplish with them

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Crash-Tested Bollards for School Security

TYMETAL’s crash-tested bollards are designed to keep buildings such as schools and universities safe from intentional or unintentional vehicular damage. More importantly, our bollards protect students and faculty while walking to and from buildings around campus, allowing them to focus on the day’s activities and not their safety from runaway vehicles.

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It’s not an accident that TYMETAL has been around for more than a quarter of a century. We have worked hard for years to cultivate a reputation worth being proud of.

Some companies can design security gates, and others can manufacture them well enough. But very few other companies design and manufacture security gates for schools with the level of attention we bring — nor can they match gates as well as we can to your specific property and its security profile. In fact, we don’t mind saying that we specialize in the unusual.

Call TYMETAL today at 888-978-GATE or reach out to us online to begin securing your custom-engineered school security gates. In addition to the reputation we’d put up against anybody else’s, we’ve also won several patents on evolving technology over the years.

Schools are places for learning, which means automatic gates and security gates should deliver a sense of confidence without being an intrusion themselves. Trust us to find a design that offers security robustness without sacrificing the school’s welcoming presence in the community. View our government facility gallery for some examples.