Security Gates for Military Bases

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Perhaps no other type of facility is more at risk to unauthorized entry or sudden attack as a military base or installation. For myriad reasons, security gates for military bases must provide the highest level of function and performance in order to keep its people and vital resources under lock and key. TYMETAL, a leading designer and manufacturer of the world’s most reliable military base security gates, delivers peace of mind that your perimeter and main entry points are protected.

Superior Military Base Security

The personnel guarding a military base may be highly trained and heavily armed, but the base may still not be completely prepared to resist dangers. Often the first line of defense against trespass, forced entry, or a vehicle impact rests on the integrity of the security gates installed. A TYMETAL security gate provides peace of mind that there’s a system in place to help neutralize threats before they escalate.

Security gates for military installations not only need to be strong and durable, but also functional in a heavy-use, high-traffic environment. With potentially thousands of individuals, vehicles, and supplies coming and going every day, it pays to have a system that’s structurally sound, easy to operate, and ultimately dependable. From sliding cantilever gates and swing gates to pedestrian gates and turnstiles, TYMETAL offers comprehensive military security gate solutions custom-designed to your specifications.

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Thoroughly Tested Military Base Security Gates

When the responsibility of keeping a facility safe is a matter of national security, there’s no room to leave anything to chance. TYMETAL calls on over 35 years’ experience in manufacturing aluminum and steel automatic gate systems to deliver the highest quality security solutions. Our security gates for military bases are rigorously tested and perfected to provide ultra-reliable perimeter protection.

TYMETAL military installation security gates are:

  • Available in a wide variety of styles and configurations
  • Built using the strongest materials and most trusted manufacturing methods
  • Pedestrian and crash-resistant based on your requirements
  • Engineered as a complete gate, operator, and hardware system
  • Long-lasting and suitable for use in all weather conditions

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Advantages of Choosing TYMETAL Security Gates for Military Installations

We’re a single source for the complete range of perimeter security solutions for military bases. From heavy-duty cantilever slide gates and pedestrian portals to vertical lift gates and huge gates with double clear openings, we offer everything you require. In addition to military base security gates, we manufacture crash barriers, beams, fences and bollards, surface mount plate barriers, and other safety enhancement features.

We’re not just a leading security gate manufacturer. We also offer customer service and support before, during, and after the gate is installed.

Order Security Gates for Military Installations Today

We deliver the structural integrity and impressive functionality you desire from a military security gate. All our gates are tested for strength, durability, and reliability to ensure your perimeter, people, and assets remain thoroughly protected.

Contact us today for additional information on our complete range of military base security gate solutions. If you need to secure your perimeter, you need the best.