Security Gates for Public Services Buildings

Gate for Public Services Building

Public service institutions such as police stations, firehouses, and government offices are directly responsible for keeping our country running safely and smoothly. When a public service building is put in harm’s way, its ability to serve the public can be dramatically compromised. Not only are the people, assets, and resources inside placed in danger, but the service is rendered incapable of providing the support upon which the surrounding communities vitally depend.

When you need security gates for police stations and other public service facilities, TYMETAL is a go-to source with a complete range of top-quality solutions. We’re dedicated to helping you keep our communities safe by providing meticulously tested security gates and related products. From controlling pedestrian access to guarding compounds against vehicular impact, we have the broad capabilities to meet your specific safety requirements.

Strong and Reliable Public Services and Government Facility Security Gates

Due to the increasing threats from a variety of potential dangers, safety requirements for protecting public service facilities are on the rise. TYMETAL security gates for fire stations and other official buildings provide peace of mind that your ability to serve the public will continue undisrupted. We call on over 25 years of industry experience to design and manufacture the highest quality electric gate systems including:

  • Police station security gates
  • Security gates for firehouses
  • Courthouse security gates
  • Government compound security gates

Whether you require vertical lift gates for police stations or heavy-duty swing security gates for government compounds, we provide complete design services and custom manufacturing to get the job done right.

Our gates are constructed of the strongest materials and are meticulously tested for performance before they leave our facility. From high-strength interlocking aluminum extrusions to truck assemblies with sealed steel bearings, our gates offer long-lasting performance and maximum protection against impact, attack or unauthorized entry.

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Ordering TYMETAL Security Gates for Courthouses and Other Public Facilities

As a leading U.S. security gate manufacturer, we manufacture over 25 different types of gate system products ranging from aluminum cantilever sliding gates for police stations to pedestrian turnstiles and security gates for government facilities. Additional products essential to keeping your building or compound safe include crash-tested gates, crash beams and bollards, vertical lift gates, vertical pivot gates, roller gates and more.

We’re able to custom-manufacture security gates for government facilities based on your specifications and structural safety requirements. All of our gates are engineered to work together in an integrated, automated system that includes the gate, operator, hardware and related accessories. Our specification professionals will work with you in order to identify the most effective and cost-efficient solutions.

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Whether you need security gates for fire departments, police stations or government facilities, give us a call today. We offer custom design services, knowledgeable support, and design resources to help you keep your project rolling. TYMETAL is the company of choice when openings need to be closed! View our security gate gallery for government facilities.