PAS 68 Truckstopper RB001-30 — Slimline Manual Single Rising Bollard

If you need periodic blocking of a specific area our rising bollards are the most flexible and reliable way to provide temporary protection from vehicle attacks or access. This slimline manual rising bollard is crash-tested and designed to stop a truck weighing 7.5 metric tons (about 16,500 lbs.) moving at about 30 mph.

Manually operated and powered by a cordless drill, these bollards do not need a fixed power supply.  This is a significant benefit when compared to hydraulic-powered rising bollards which can be unreliable in low-temperature environments.

Depending on the size of the location and your requirements, single or multiple unit configurations are available for applications such as:

You can create a border straight across a street using multiple units or place the bollards in smaller, more specific locations like a small alley.

Slimline rising bollards by SafetyFlex are suitable for a range of industries that require security measures to protect buildings from criminals, vehicles, terrorists or any other threat. Designed for frequent use — whether you need them to rise and fall on a monthly or even hourly basis — the bollards keep unwanted intrusions from breaking through the defense line.

The design of our manual single rising bollards has a height above ground at 850mm and 400mm below. Because of its shallow mounting system, the product can keep your bollard systems and groundwork costs low. The way these bollards are manufactured also decreases the need to change the route of underground utilities.  Additionally, they can follow contours of the ground once fitted as a stand-alone system, and it requires very little maintenance.

Made to protect specific areas against ramming and other hazards, retractable bollards make it easy for you to replace parts if they become damaged. After impact, you can remove any pieces of the broken system from the outer case and replace them right away.

Crash-Rated Rising Bollards From TYMETAL

If you need rising bollards to protect your business, police station or school; you should know that TYMETAL offers you more reliability with our high-security solutions. For more than 30 years, we have been recognized as an industry leader with experienced staff who provide exceptional services.

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