Aluminum Gates

Aluminum Gates & Aluminum Gate Designs

When you need to secure perimeters or close openings, you need the reliable, robust aluminum gate designs from Tymetal Corp. For over 25 years now, we are the industry leader because of our extensive line of matched-system aluminum gates, our exceptional team of engineers and fabricators, and the complete support we provide you. With thousands of installations under our belt, we know what it takes to design and manufacturer the best solution for your exact needs.

Extensive Inventory of Aluminum Gates to Fit Your Need, No Matter how Complicated

Thanks to our extensive line of aluminum gates, you’ll find the right solution for your exact needs. Take a look at our complete line of aluminum gates, everything from heavy-duty cantilever slide aluminum gates that close openings up to 60’ (120’ when doubled) to vertical lift gates that are ideal in situations with high usage but insufficient space for a gate opening or retraction.

When you need a solution that stands up to the forces of gravity and wind, you need a box frame cantilever slide gate from Tymetal Corp. Or, if you need to secure an area between two buildings, we feature heavy-duty swing aluminum gates. Ideal for applications in which full movement of a slide gate is not feasible, our swing aluminum gates are the answer when you have the issue of uneven ground that rises or falls sharply away from the outer side of your gatepost.

Whatever your unique situation, our experienced engineers, technical staff and fabricators can design and produce custom aluminum gates for your exact needs. We specialize in providing reliable, secure and robust customaluminum gate designs for unique and unusual requirements.

Matched-System Aluminum Gates Means Highest Quality

Unlike other manufacturers of aluminum gates, a system designed and produced by Tymetal Corp. is matched, meaning all parts of your gate will be from one source. Save yourself from the time-intensive troubleshooting and headaches of a gate that has its operator from one source and gate from another. Tymetal Corp. aluminum gates, system-matched, provide you with easier installation and better performance because you won’t have to worry about mismatched hardware.

Your Tymetal Corp. Gate comes with Complete Support

When you choose Tymetal Corp., you’re not only getting the best performing and highest quality aluminum gates on the market today, you’re also getting complete support from our experienced team. You’ll enjoy unmatched technical support and field service, complete specifications, custom project specific drawings and more.

When it comes to closing openings, Tymetal Corp. is the best by far! Page updated on 1/1/2014