Guide to Crash Rated Fences

Crash Rated Fence Guide

crash rated fences


Certain businesses require a crash rated fence, which provides additional protection not offered by residential fences. These high-security fence systems offer increased protection by being sturdy enough to withstand the impact of a large vehicle driving into them. The level of impact they can withstand is illustrated by a crash-test rating system developed by the Department of State (DOS) and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), making these fences the strongest on the market.

What Is a Crash Rated Fence?

a 15,000 pound truck crashing into a security fence

Also known as a high-security fence, these are anti-ram fences that are often used on properties that require additional security or have to deal with the risk of vehicles breaking through. For this reason, high-security fences are also called anti-ram fences.

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Crash Fence Ratings Explained

High-security fences can be found in many commercial and government properties. These fences were first gauged by a K rating system developed by the Department of State (DOS), which measured an industrial fence’s stopping power against a vehicle that weighs 15,000 pounds. The K ratings were assigned based on how fast the vehicle was traveling:

  • K4 rating is assigned to a vehicle traveling 30 miles per hour. 
  • K8 rating is assigned to a vehicle traveling 40 miles per hour.
  • K12 rating is assigned to a vehicle traveling 50 miles per hour.

This means a fence with a K8 rating will be able to stop a 15,000-pound vehicle traveling at 40 miles per hour. 

The K ratings have since been updated by ASTM to the M ratings (Medium Duty Truck). M ratings are K ratings with an added “P” rating component that measures the distance past the barrier the truck bed can travel.

  • M30 rating is assigned to a vehicle traveling 30 miles per hour.
  • M40 rating is assigned to a vehicle traveling 40 miles per hour.
  • M50 rating is assigned to a vehicle traveling 50 miles per hour.

The P ratings range from P1 to P4, measuring how far past the barrier the vehicle can go:

  • P1 rating means the vehicle travels a maximum of 1 meter (3.3 feet or less) past the barrier.
  • P2 rating means the vehicle travels between 1.01 and 7 meters (3.31 feet and 23 feet) past the barrier.
  • P3 rating means the vehicle travels between 7.01 and 30 meters (23.1 feet and 98.4 feet) past the barrier.
  • P4 rating means the vehicle travels beyond 30 meters (98.41 feet) past the barrier.


While the K ratings are no longer officially used, they are still referenced, often in addition to the ASTM’s M ratings.

crash rated fences are ideal for businesses in need of high levels of defense

Common Uses for High-Security Fencing Systems

The strength and durability of these crash rated fences make them ideal for businesses requiring a high level of defense. These include almost all government establishments, such as:

Anti-ram fencing systems are also popular with many commercial businesses:

Essentially, a crash rated security fence is ideal for any establishment that requires the highest level of security around its perimeter, either because there is a higher risk of a potential attack or the building contains extremely sensitive information.

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Types of Anti Ram Fences Offered by TYMETAL

When it comes to security fencing options, TYMETAL provides quality systems from trusted manufacturers to provide customized solutions for your fencing needs.

Our post-and-cable and post-and-rail fencing systems boast an M50, or K12, rating — the highest K rating — ensuring protection from a 15,000-pound vehicle traveling at 50 miles per hour. The posts stand 48 inches tall and are installed to meet P1 penetration guidelines — that is, spaced 64 feet apart for terminal posts and 16 feet apart for in-line posts for fences rated M50 and P1. The end post measures 36 inches in diameter and 96 inches deep, while the line post measures 24 inches in diameter and 96 inches deep.

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Choosing a security fence for businesses isn’t a one-size-fits-all deal, which is why TYMETAL proudly offers custom anti-ram fences designed for your specific security needs. Using your required security fence specifications, we can provide a high-security fence design that will put your business’s requirements at the forefront. 

a crash rated fence with a crash rated gate

Crash Rated Fences With Crash Rated Gates

While custom crash fences are an excellent way to protect a commercial property, a security fence with a gate is even better. For the utmost protection and security, adding a custom security gate is an easy way to ensure a property gets the level of security it needs. The options range from slide gates to lift gates and can be further customized as required.

a crash rated fence behind a regular fence

TYMETAL offers several security gates that go well with commercial security fencing, including:

All of TYMETAL’s security fences and gates are tested by a third-party facility and rated to be in line with ASTM guidelines, including our custom security fences. Our fences and gates are made to order in our Texas or New York facility, which means you can be sure you’re getting top-rated, high-quality American-made products you can rely on.

crash rated fences vs security fences

TYMETAL Crash Rated Fences Versus Security Fences

A regular security fence isn’t the same as a crash rated fence, which is why it’s important to understand the difference. Crash rated fences have been tested and rated according to ASTM standards. When looking at high-security fencing contractors, make sure the commercial fences are listed as being crash rated rather than crash tested. Crash rated implies the fence has passed the test and, thus, been assigned an ASTM rating. Crash tested could mean the fence was tested but failed the test, which means it cannot receive the appropriate ASTM rating.

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Why TYMETAL Crash Rated Fences?

TYMETAL is a security fence company you can rely on. We can customize fences and gates to meet your needs, allowing you to take advantage of high security without sacrificing style and aesthetic. With a crash rating of M50, our fences and gates are reliable and certified by professionals. The growing needs of security professionals are at the forefront of our work, and we’re the only security fence company with the design, testing and manufacturing capabilities to make security gates that withstand even the most pressing business needs.

a side view of a truck being stopped by an anti-ram fence

From the smallest security fence barrier to the widest security gate opening, TYMETAL can work with you to manufacture an exact, custom security fence for a business. As a single-source supplier of security crash gates and fences, we proudly design, engineer and build each component of our barrier systems. This allows us to reduce the amount of time it takes to deliver the final product — even custom-made orders with unique specifications. Our quality control program ensures all our anti-ram and crash rated fencing and gates are of superior quality and custom-designed components to flawlessly work together. 

We are confident of the sturdiness of the high-security fences and gates we offer and even have a selection of videos to illustrate how well our products fare against large vehicles. In addition to high-security fences, we also offer a selection of alternate crash barriers that can be used with our anti-ram fences and gates.

Crash Barriers From TYMETAL

Sometimes a little additional security can bring valuable peace of mind, which is why TYMETAL also offers a line of crash rated barriers that can be used with or without fences and gates, depending on a business’s needs. Crash barriers include beams and bollards that are made in-house, just like our fences and gates.

An essential part of any security parameter, our selection of crash beams includes TCRB-4 and TCRB-12. With an ASTM rating of M30 and M50 respectively, these crash beams boast a construction of solid aluminum. The TCRB-4 beam is best used for openings that range between 10 feet and 22 feet and can be customized to be manually or electronically operated. It can be further customized to include a counterweight or power unit. 

Similarly, the TCRB-12 beam is ideal for acilities requiring heavy-duty crash barriers. The TCRB-12 beam can be customized to include hydraulic speed control and other options to help make it unique to the needs of a business. It’s also designed to reduce wear and tear while improving operation quality.

TYMETAL’s crash-rated bollards are another option for businesses. They are shallow-mounted and range from the ability to stop a 3,306-pound car traveling at 30 miles per hour to the ability to stop a 16,532-pound truck traveling 50 miles per hour. Our bollards all contain a flexible steel core, which helps return the impact of a crash back onto the vehicle, protecting the bollard as well as your property.

For those who prefer a more aesthetically pleasing barrier, TYMETAL offers the Universal Slimline Planter, which is designed to be visually welcoming while still maintaining the ability to stop a 16,500-pound vehicle moving at 40 miles per hour. 

How Much Do Crash Rated Fences Cost?

There are several factors to consider when it comes to pricing for high-security crash fences. The purchase price of a high-security fence is just one part of the overall cost. Additional factors, such as the cost of installation, installation labor and the equipment needed for installation, will likely increase the overall cost. And if you’re customizing your crash rated fence, you’ll need to factor in the additional costs of designing, manufacturing and installing a custom security fence. 

Aside from the fence itself, the overall cost will also include factors like:

  • The extensive amount of hardware needed, which will depend on the length of the fence.
  • The cable or rails needed to complete the fencing system.
  • The posts that need to be installed throughout the barrier, the amount of which will also depend on the length of the fence.

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These are normal expenses that are all included in the overall cost of a security fencing system, but additional customizations may increase the overall cost as well as the labor time necessary to install the fencing system. It’s important to remember that a crash rated fence is a long-term investment that lasts for many years, protecting the property at which it is installed. The longevity and peace of mind a crash rated fence provides can be priceless for the business owners who require these security measures.

A best practice when it comes to buying and installing a crash rated fence is to do your research. Reaching out to a professional security fence company, like TYMETAL, is the best idea since professionals will have a better idea of the cost of supplies and manufacturing in this industry. They’ll be able to help you customize your security gate as well as find the best price options for your budget. 

To ensure a high-security fence continues to be as effective as the day it was installed, it’s necessary to perform regular checks to spot and fix any issues quickly. You should consider this an addition to the overall cost of the fence since maintenance is important to the fence’s life span. 

Overall, a trusted and knowledgeable security fence company will be able to guide you through the cost points and maintenance requirements of your high-security crash fence, so it’s a good idea to put your faith in the experienced professionals.

TYMETAL manufactures anti-ram fences

Make TYMETAL Your High-Security Fence Manufacturer

At TYMETAL, we understand the importance of proper security fencing systems. For over 35 years, we have been the industry leader in all markets for which security is a big concern. We’ve developed and obtained patents on many of our evolving technologies, all of which aim to strengthen our products, allowing them to continue being the front-runners of the industry.

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In addition to our decades of experience and expertise, we’re also a single-source company that designs, manufactures and delivers each fencing and gate system. All our products are made to order and can be customized as needed to fit the security needs of your business. If you’re seeking reliable, robust and secure fencing systems of the highest quality and with matching operator hardware, TYMETAL is your one-stop shop. 

Our security gates provide industry-leading protection and our line of anti-ram gates are made with factory quality-controlled processes, using expert welders and the best quality materials — all to ensure the final product is one that can easily withstand everything from harsh weather to vehicular collision.

Our team of experts is happy to provide complete service before, during and after the sale, whether its project-specific drawings and specifications, technical support or field service. If you need to secure a perimeter, you need the best. You need TYMETAL! Contact us by calling 888-978-4283, or get in touch by filling out our online contact form.