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The Fortress Heavy Duty Overhead Slide Gate, manufactured by Tymetal Corp., solves closure requirements that are particularly rigorous. Truly a specialty gate, the Heavy Duty Overhead Slide Gate is made to withstand greater than normal stresses in very large openings. Tymetal overhead gate systems have been installed in demanding applications all over the US and Canada. Special features and design improvements, learned from years of experience in extreme high use environments, reinforce the gate panel in critical areas. The installation method is versatile, as the gate may be hung between three pairs of 4” OD posts with a structural steel support beam or wall mounted with the appropriate support system.

The Heavy Duty Overhead Slide Gate track is fabricated from 6063-T6 aluminum alloy extrusions. The primary members (top and bottom) are rectangular shaped in cross section with outside vertical members “P” shaped in cross section.

Tymetal includes cross bracing of 3/16” minimum diameter stainless steel cable throughout the gate panel to keep the frame members square. Special bottom guide assemblies are included for each side of the gate and Tymetal also supplies a minimum of two self-aligning, 4-wheeled, sealed, ball-bearing truck assemblies with each gate.


Specification Section 32 31 00




A.            The work in this section shall include furnishing all labor, materials, equipment and appliances necessary to complete all Heavy Duty Overhead Slide Gates required for this project in strict accordance with this specification section and drawings.

1.02        REFERENCES:

A.            Underwriters Laboratory Gate Operator Requirements (UL 325).  See 3.02 C.

1.            Automated / operated vehicular gates are not to be used for pedestrian traffic.  Separate pedestrian gates must always be provided if pedestrian traffic is expected.

B.            ASTM F 2200 Standard Specification for Automated Vehicular Gate Construction.  See 2.01 C.

C.            ASTM F 1184 Standard Specification for Industrial and Commercial Horizontal Slide Gates, Type I, Class 2.  See 3.02 B.

D.            American Welding Society AWS D1.2 Structural Welding Code.  See 2.01 D.

E.            ASTM A 123 Standard Specification for Zinc (Hot-Dip Galvanized) Coatings on Iron and Steel.

1.03        SUBMITTALS:

A.            Product Data:

1.            Provide manufacturer’s catalog cuts with printed specifications and installation instructions.

2.            If operated gate system, furnish two (2) copies of operation and maintenance data covering the installed products.

B.            Shop Drawings:

1.            Supply shop drawings showing the gate system, including details of all major components.

2.            Include complete details of gate construction, gate height and post spacing dimensions.

C.            Certification of Performance Criteria:

1.            Manufacturer of gate system shall provide certification stating the gate system includes the following material components that provide superior performance and longevity. Alternate designs built to minimum standards that do not include these additional structural features shall not be accepted.

a.            To provide superior structural integrity, intermediate vertical members shall be used – with spacing between verticals to be less than 50% of the gate frame height for chain link designs and less than gate frame height for ornamental picket designs.

b.            Entire gate frame shall include 2 adjustable stainless steel cables (minimum 3/16”) per bay to allow complete gate frame adjustment (maintaining strongest structural square and level orientation).

c.             Gate truck assemblies shall be tested for continuous duty and shall have precision ground and hardened components.  Bearings shall be pre-lubricated and contain shock resistant outer races and captured seals.

d.            Gate truck assemblies shall be supported by a minimum 5/8” plated steel bolt with self aligning capability, rated to support a 2,000 # reaction load.

D.            Certifications:

1.            Gate in compliance with ASTM F 2200, Standard Specification for Automated Vehicular Gate Construction.   See 2.01 C.

2.            The aluminum welders and welding process must be certified per section 2.02 A1.



A.            The overhead slide gate shall be manufactured by Tymetal Corp., 2549 State Route 40, Greenwich, NY 12834 – (800) 328-4283.

B.            Approved Substitution:  All other systems must be submitted to the design team in accordance with substitution requirements as set forth in the general provisions of the specification manual for approval prior to the bid date.  Products submitted after the bid date will not be approved.

C.            Gate manufacturer shall certify gate is manufactured in compliance with            ASTM F 2200, Standard Specification for Automated Vehicular Gate Construction.  See 1.03 D 1.

D.            Gate manufacturer shall provide independent certification as to the use of a documented Welding Procedure Specification and Procedure Qualification Record to insure conformance to the AWS D1.2 welding code.  Upon request, Individual Certificates of Welder Qualification documenting successful completion of the requirements of the AWS D1.2 code shall also be provided.  See 1.02 D.

2.02        GATE DIMENSIONS:

A.            Fortress Heavy Duty Overhead Slide Gate dimensions shall be as shown on the detail drawings.


A.            Gate Frame:

1.            The gate frame shall be fabricated from 6063-T6 aluminum alloy extrusions.

2.            The gate frame shall be fabricated from 6063-T6 aluminum alloy extrusions.  The top member shall be a 3″ x 5″ aluminum structural channel/tube extrusion weighing not less than 3.0 lb/lf.  The bottom member shall be a 2″ x 5″ aluminum structural tube weighing not less than 2.0 lb/lf.

3.            Vertical Members:

a.            Chain Link: The vertical members at the ends of the opening portion of the frame shall be “P” shaped in cross section with a nominal base dimension of no less than 2” x 2” and weighing not less than 1.6 lb/lf.  The intermediate vertical members shall alternate between 2” x 2” and 1” x 2” in cross section weighing not less than 1.1 lb/lf and 0.82 lb/lf respectively.  The spacing for the vertical intermediates shall be less than 50% of the gate frame height.

b.            Ornamental Picket: The vertical members at the ends of the opening portion of the frame shall be 2” x 2” in the cross section weighing not less than 1.1 lb/lf. The intermediate vertical members shall be 1” x 2” in cross section weighing not less than .82 lb/lf. The spacing for the vertical intermediates shall be less than the gate frame height.

B.            All welds on the gate frame shall conform to Welding Procedure Specification and Procedure Qualification Record to insure conformance to the AWS D1.2 Structural Welding Code.  All individual welders shall be certified to AWS D1.2 welding code.  See 1.02 D.

C.            Gate Track:

1.            The separate semi-enclosed overhead track, extruded from 6005A-T61 or      6105-T5 aluminum alloy, shall weigh a minimum of 2.7 lb/lf. Aluminum overhead track shall be bolted to the “W” beam by means of 1/2″ diameter bolts at intervals not exceeding two ft.

D.            Gate Mounting:

1.            The gate frame is to be supported from the track by two (2) swivel type, self-aligning, 4 wheeled, sealed lubricant, ball-bearing truck assemblies.

2.            The bottom of each support post shall have a bracket equipped with a 3” (76mm) UHMW guide wheel.  Wheel cover protectors shall be included with bottom guides to comply with UL325.

3.            For added wind resistance each of four (4) intermediate posts shall support a pair of 3” (76mm) UHMW intermediate bottom guide wheels.  See  2.03 E-2.

4.            Gap protectors shall be provided and installed, compliant with ASTM F 2200.

E.            Posts (By Others):

1.            For freestanding gates (up to 40’ in opening width):  Include information that freestanding overhead slide gates are to be hung from three sets of 4″ O.D. (102mm) round Schedule 40 galvanized steel posts, set apart as indicated in the bid drawings. A 3″ x 3″ x 3/16″ steel angle shall be welded between them to support the “I” or “W” galvanized beam.  The “I” or “W” beams shall extend for a distance approximately twice the width of the gate.

2.            Intermediate posts shall be installed to support intermediate bottom guide wheel assemblies per detailed drawing.

F.            Diagonal Bracing:

1.            Diagonal “X” bracing of 3/16″ (5mm) minimum diameter stainless steel aircraft cable shall be installed throughout the entire gate frame.

G.           The gate shall be completed by installation of approved filler as specified (Contact manufacturer regarding in-fills other than 2” x 2” x 9 gauge chain link):

1.            Chain Link: 2” x 2” x 9 gauge aluminized steel chain link fabric shall extend the entire length of the gate.  Fabric shall be attached at each end of the gate frame by standard fence industry tension bars and tied at each 2” x 2” (51mm x 51mm) vertical member with standard fence industry ties. ASTM F2200 requires attachment method that leaves no leading or bottom edge protrusions (cannot exceed 0.5 inch).

2.            Ornamental Picket:  Picket sizes shall be 1” (25mm) square.  If a motorized gate operator is to be applied to the gate and the specified picket spacing allows for openings in the gate frame that exceed 2¼” (57mm), a secondary gate filler shall be secured at each end of the gate frame and tied at each 2” x 2” (51mm x 51mm) vertical member.  The secondary gate filler shall extend to a minimum height of 72” (1.2m) above grade and shall be sized to prevent a 2¼” (57mm) diameter sphere from passing through openings anywhere along the length of the gate frame, and in that portion of the adjacent fence that the gate covers in the open position.


H.            Finish:

1.            Gate to be mill finish aluminum or color coated with polyester powder as specified. If powder coated, the gate (excluding track member and “W”/“I” beam) and all accessories shall be pretreated chemically by sand blasting or other acceptable method to ensure proper coating adherence.

2.04        WARRANTY:

A.            The truck assembly shall be warranted against manufacturing defects by the manufacturer for a period of (5) five years from date of sale.


3.01        Final grades and installation conditions shall be examined.  Installation shall not begin until all unsatisfactory conditions are corrected.

3.02        INSTALLATION:

A.            Equipment in this section shall be installed in strict accordance with the company’s printed instructions unless otherwise shown on the contract drawings.

B.            Gate and installation shall conform to ASTM F 1184 standards for industrial and commercial horizontal slide gates, Type I, Class 2.  See 1.02 C.

C.            If the gate system is to be automated, the gate and installation shall also comply with ASTM F 2200 and UL 325.  See 1.02 B and 1.02 A.


A.            The complete system shall be adjusted to assure it is performing properly.

B.            The system shall be operated for a sufficient period of time to determine that the system is in proper working order.

C.            For operated gate systems – test and explain safety features:

1.            Each system feature and device is a separate component of the gate system.

2.            Read and follow all instructions for each component.

3.            Ensure that all instructions for mechanical components, safety devices and the gate operator are available for everyone who will be using the gate system.

4.            The warning signs shipped with the gate operator must be installed in prominent position on both sides of the gate.

5.            Ensure the owner is clear with regard to the safety points concerning the basic operational guidelines of the safety features of the gate operator system.  These safety points are listed in the gate operator manual and must be read prior to system use.

Note: Tymetal Corp. reserves the right to modify and/or make changes as deemed necessary without previous notice.