Entrance Gate Designs

In a busy commercial facility, an entrance gate is your first line of defense against unauthorized guests. Despite this, many architects and builders don’t do their due diligence when selecting a gate. Too often, this leads to insecure premises, lost labor hours, increased expenses and a number of other problems down the line.

Ornamental TYMETAL Cantilever Gate

TYMETAL is a longstanding expert in entrance gate design. Keep reading to learn how to choose a reliable vehicle gate that will deliver peace of mind and productivity for years to come.

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What Makes a Great Entrance Gate?

An entrance gate is something that will see use every day. Great entrance gate design will promote:

  • Security: Of course, the most important purpose of an entrance gate is to keep unauthorized guests out. A reliable gate should be strong – meeting ASTM or other related standards for impact resistance – and impossible to circumvent. It must meet these requirements consistently, even during periods of heavy use.
  • Durability: A quality entrance gate can be a big investment for any facility. It’s not enough that it provides unbeatable security on paper – it must also be tough enough to continue delivering excellent day-to-day performance well into the future. Aluminum is the preferred metal for vehicle gates, thanks to its lightweight and excellent corrosion resistance, though stainless steel can also be an appropriate choice in certain situations.
  • Ease of use: Problems with your entrance gate cannot only compromise security, they can also lead to excessive vehicle idling, lost productivity and other expensive problems. A good gate should facilitate simple, straightforward access control. Optional features such as keycard or number-pad systems can help automate entry and exit, saving your team time and money.
  • Reliability: All entrance gates will require some amount of periodic maintenance to keep working their best. A good system will be designed to keep downtime to a minimum. Features such as enclosed components reduce wear and maintenance requirements by keeping dirt and grime out of rollers and other parts.

TYMETAL Crash Security Gate - Ornamental Pickets

The last element to consider when shopping for an entry gate is price. When it comes to entrance gates, quite often you get what you pay for. Investing more today in a system that is reliable, safe and tough enough to stand up to any weather condition is generally a better choice for the long run.

What Types of Gates Are Used at Entrances?

Chain Link Entrance Gate

TYMETAL manufactures several types of entrance gates for use in both industrial and commercial facilities. Our Fortress cantilevered sliding gates are among our most popular sellers, thanks to their reliable operation, low overall costs and minimal maintenance requirements. We also offer swing gates, vertical lift gates and more. All our systems are made to order to your specifications, and matched with an appropriate operator from one of our trusted suppliers.

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Are Custom Design Services Available?

TYMETAL is proud to offer custom entry-gate design services. With more than 30 years of expertise, we can match your requirements to develop the best system for your needs. Contact us today to learn more.

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Page Updated May 27, 2020