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Our experienced specification support team is here to provide you with expertise and consultation for your security project. Feel free to contact them to get a project started!

TYMETAL north central sales region Dick Krieger, CAGSD – West Region

Dick joined TYMETAL in 2004 working as a CAD designer, preparing CAD layouts for products to be manufactured.  He has been associated with the Specification and Design Team since 2006, providing design support to the Architectural and Engineering community since.

As with TYMETAL’s entire Specification and Design Team, Dick is fluent relative to UL325 and ASTM F 2200 safety standards and has extensive experience working through some of the most difficult security challenges, including those requiring crash tested/rated protection. Dick holds the Certified Automatic Gate System Designer certification from the AFA. Dick is available and anxious to assist with your specification and design needs. 

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TYMETAL north east sales region Blaise Macaione – North East Region

With nearly a decade at TYMETAL Blaise has assisted architects, engineers, municipalities and governments with perimeter security solutions.   From concept to completion Blaise explains the process and safety requirements for a successful security gate design to all involved with a project, from the designer – to the GC – to the installer and finally the end-user.

Blaise’s experience includes 6 years as the North East Sales Representative with a Master Builders Solutions manufacturer.

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TYMETAL west sales region Tristan Waite, CAGSD – South East

Tristan Waite has been in the Gate industry since 2013 with TYMETAL. As a Specification & Design specialist, his main focus is working with architects and engineers to assist in designing site-specific gate system solutions.

Tristan assists designers in utilizing TYMETAL designs to fulfill perimeter security requirements effectively and in compliance with all UL 325 and ASTM F2200 safety standards. Tristan is a Certified Gate Operator Designer certificated with the AFA.

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TYMETAL north east sales region JoAnne Baker – Central Region

JoAnne has 30 years of experience in the construction industry with a focus on Project Development and Project Management.  JoAnne joined TYMETAL in 2016 with a focus on expanding the specification and design reach of TYMETAL.  Within the Specification and Design Team, JoAnne works with Architects, Engineers, Design/Builders and Facility Managers to find solutions for the most complicated project sites.  She works with our Engineering, Inside Sales and Outside Sales teams to ensure all projects move forward to meet the client’s expectations.

JoAnne looks forward to working with you to develop CAD Drawings, Written Specifications, Budgetary Estimates and Preferred Installer References.  JoAnne offers insight and knowledge of our Commercial Gate Systems, Crash Rated Gates and Beams, Crash Rated Bollards and Crash Fencing for a safe, efficient, and compliant solution to all your perimeter security needs.

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