Steel Gates

There’s Only One Choice when it Comes to Robust Reliable Steel Security Gates

If your site needs a reliable, robust steel security gate, you need Tymetal Corp., the single source that can design, manufacture and provide the complete automatic gate system. When you choose us, you’re choosing the leading manufacturer that has been setting and exceeding today’s standards of quality and performance for over 25 years.

With decades of experience, thousands of installations under our belts and an experienced, expert staff that provides customer support of unequaled proportions, Tymetal Corp. is your only choice when it comes to steel security gates.

Wide Selection of Steel Security Gates

You’ll find our security entrance gate line is extensive. From our innovative TIGER cantilever system to anti-ram gates with proven crash protection, your site will be secured with the best steel security gates there are. Custom design steel security gates are also a specialty.

Our TIGER cantilever system has revolutionized the security entrance gate market as it’s the first and only fully integrated gate and operator package that’s been tested to ensure optimal performance. With over 200,000 cycles performed under constant duty in the most extreme weather conditions, TIGER has proven its longevity and reliability. Because it’s a single system, design and installation is expedited and facility maintenance requirements minimized.

Also included in our steel security gate line are anti-ram gates. Our Fortified Impact Gate System (FIGS), is a leader in the industry, the preferred choice of the correctional industry for the last 17 years. It has proven crash protection and combines visual security, impact protection and pedestrian traffic control. Several variations of steel overhead gate systems have also been designed to provide specific security features requested at projects all around the US.

Quality that Sets the Bar in the Steel Security Gate Industry

When it comes to the quality of our steel security gates system, Tymetal Corp. takes no shortcuts. While other manufacturers may skimp on details, we design and fabricate our gates beyond industry standards.

Install the best … install steel security gates from Tymetal Corp.

Page updated on 12/27/2013