Plasma Cutting

Plasma Cutting in the Northeast U.S.

Our Hypertherm HPR 260XD is the perfect choice for processing larger sheets of steel, as we can handle material up to 8ft wide and 20ft-long. For carbon hot-rolled sheets, we can burn sheets from 16 gauge all the way up to 1.5 inches thick, and in stainless steel, we can handle from 16 gauge up to 1 inch thick. Please contact us today to learn about pricing and for more details about our plasma cutting services.

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CNC Plasma Cutters Model

  • Hypertherm HPR 260XD

Size Capabilities

  • 8 x 20′ length sheets
  • 16 gauge to 1.5 inches thick


  • Carbon hot rolled, high strength steel and stainless steel

Additional Features

  • CNC automatic testing
  • Precise hole control for bolt hole quality
  • Precise piercing capability up to 1.5 inches

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