Plasma Cutting

Plasma Cutting Services in the Northeast U.S.

Plasma cutting with our Hypertherm HPR 260XD is the perfect choice for processing larger sheets of steel, as we can handle material up to 8 feet wide and 20 feet long. For carbon hot-rolled sheets, we can burn sheets from 16 gauge all the way up to 1.5 inches thick, and in stainless steel, we can handle from 16 gauge up to 1 inch thick. Please contact us today to learn about pricing and for more details about our plasma metal cutting services.

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plasma cutter cutting sheet metal

CNC Plasma Metal Cutter Model

  • Hypertherm HPR 260XD

Size Capabilities

  • 8-feet-by-20-feet sheets
  • 16 gauge to 1.5 inches thick

Plasma Cutting Materials

  • Carbon hot rolled, high strength steel and stainless steel

Additional Features

  • CNC automatic testing
  • Precise hole control for bolt hole quality
  • Precise piercing capability up to 1.5 inches

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Advantages of Plasma Cutting

Plasma cutting is one of the most effective ways to cut highly detailed patterns into almost any conductive material. Despite its high-level tech, plasma metal cutting is relatively affordable compared to alternative services for cutting steel and aluminum to meet precise specifications. When you hire TYMETAL for plasma cutting services in the Northeast U.S., you receive state-of-the-art metal products. 

Compared to traditional cutting methods, plasma has the following advantages:

  • Cost-efficiency: Plasma cutting may cost less than water jetting and laser cutting
  • Speed: Plasma cutters can reach speeds of 500 inches per minute.
  • Versatility: Plasma cutting can cut through thick and thin materials alike without harming the metal’s integrity.

Why Choose TYMETAL’s Metal Plasma Cutting Services?

As a leader among Northeast U.S. plasma cutting shops, TYMETAL has over 35 of experience creating high-quality products. As a result, our customer base trusts us for excellent products that meet precise specifications.

We use only the most effective plasma cutting methods and are experts in the craft. That wisdom means you’ll receive an intricate, detailed, and smooth end product that requires no additional finishing before use. Whether you need a small custom job or a high-volume production run, TYMETAL is ready to work with you.

Where Do We Serve?

TYMETAL serves the mid-Atlantic United States from our New York fabrication plant, including: 

  • Maine 
  • Vermont
  • Massachusetts
  • New Hampshire
  • Delaware
  • Connecticut
  • Rhode Island
  • New Jersey 
  • Pennsylvania

Consider TYMETAL for Your Future Plasma Cutting Projects

TYMETAL specializes in the most cutting-edge metal cutting technology, so you always receive the flawless product you expect. From metal bending to laser and plasma cutting, we have decades of experience transforming metal into a finished product that meets precise specifications. Contact our team or visit our plasma cutting shop near you to see how we can help your project reach new levels of quality.