Anti-Ram Barriers

A Tymetal anti-ram gate
December 18, 2020

Anti-Ram Barriers When it comes to building security, the design of your perimeter security system is extremely important. It dictates who comes and goes within your property and protects against possible intruders who’d try to force their way in. Anti-ram security barriers are an essential tool to have when safeguarding your investment from external threats. […]

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Cantilever Gates Vs Roller Gates

November 14, 2016

  What’s the Difference Between a Cantilever Gate and a Roller Gate? The main difference between a cantilever gate and a roller gate is that cantilever gates feature a built-in counterbalance that allows them to extend further, making them more suitable for larger openings. Cantilever gates also have an interlocked one-piece structure that has fewer […]

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