Who We Serve

A single source supplier of customized gates, operator systems and technical services, TYMETAL proudly partners with a number of different industries including telecommunications, transit, oil and gas, government, homeland security and much more. We’re able to provide turnkey gate systems as well as start-to-finish project assistance that make the design, bidding, installation and long-term service support of your gate simple.
With more than 25 years of experience in airport, border patrol and power plant security, as well as many other markets, our team can be trusted to deliver industry insights only a security leader can offer.

Airport Security Made Simple

TYMETAL can design and manufacture airport gates that meet the complex security needs of today’s air and ground transportation industries. From pedestrian swing gates and portals to crash barriers, vertical lift gates and more, our products are engineered to optimize pedestrian and vehicle traffic flow without compromising security.


We’re a manufacturer shipping nationwide, also providing service and support to clients throughout the country. Lead times for customized airport gates are short thanks to our two American manufacturing facilities, conveniently located in New York and Texas to minimize delivery costs and time. Our products are also used in train stations, international export centers, border security offices and many other transit industry applications.

The Power Plant Security Pros

Protecting our nation’s energy sector is an important priority. TYMETAL’s expertise and experience in power plant security makes us an important ally to refineries, chemical plants and other facilities. Our products include crash beams rated to DOS K4 and K12 standards, box frame roller gates up to 500 feet long, vertical pivot gate systems and more.
All our products are built-to-order to your exact sizes and project requirements, and they require minimal maintenance to deliver years of trouble-free use. For any application in which security is an important concern, our products can be counted on for reliable performance that keeps your important assets safe.

Other Markets

In addition to being a leading manufacturer of airport gates and power station security systems, TYMETAL also designs security gates and operating systems for:

With an ability to engineer and manufacture custom designs that are unparalleled in the industry, TYMETAL can create a security gate that meets the unique needs of your industry. We can help you with all stages of planning and design, including creating CAD drawings and providing onsite technical representation and assistance during the installation process.
For more information about how our expertise can help you, contact TYMETAL today. Whatever your business demands, TYMETAL is the automatic gate company of choice when openings need to be secured!