Specifications & Drawings

Security Gate Drawings and Specifications

As a leading source of perimeter security solutions, Tymetal Corp. provides comprehensive support as you search for the most effective gate design for your project. In order to ensure a fluid design, manufacturing and installation process, we feature a variety of chain link cantilever gate drawings and security gate specs to choose from. In addition to security gate specs and drawings for industrial/commercial, crash and correction facility gates, we also offer custom gate design solutions for virtually any application or environment.

Advanced Cantilever Gate Design

Tymetal calls on a combination of industry experience and the latest technology to produce security gate CAD (computer-aided design) documents, allowing you to create, modify, analyze and optimize your complete automated system. We provide a range of security gate DWG files for cantilever gate designs, operator systems, overhead gates, pedestrian swing gates and portals.

Explore your options by following the links on this page, or contact a knowledgeable representative with your security gate specifications to produce a custom security gate CAD drawing today.