Security Gates for Public Utilities


The protection and security of facilities that house public utilities is a top priority for both local and federal government agencies and for private energy companies. One of the biggest potential threats to national security involves the disruption of the energy and power utilities that millions of citizens, businesses, and public institutions rely on every day.

In order to mitigate risks and in response to heightened security requirements, utility companies can rely on TYMETAL electrical sub-station security gates to effectively lock down perimeters.

Custom-Configured Energy Station Security Gates

Maintaining the highest levels of security in a busy working environment such as a power station requires a smarter and stronger security gate solution. TYMETAL offers a complete range of power station security gates capable of meeting your diverse requirements.

From pedestrian swing gates, slide gates, portals, and turnstiles to cantilever sliding gates, heavy-duty swing gates, and vertical lift gates, we’re able to custom-design completely automated, fully integrated systems to your exact specifications.

In addition to an impressive selection of industrial security gates for energy companies, we also manufacture a selection of products designed to keep your facility safe. Reinforced crash gates, crash-tested beams, and shallow-mount crash bollards are effective deterrents and also provide additional protection against an accident or high-impact vehicle attack. Our experienced specification team will assist in analyzing your needs in order to identify the most effective and cost-efficient solutions.

Strong and Durable Power Station Security Gates

With over 25 years of industry experience, we have the expertise to design the best quality public utility security gates for your facility. Our gates are constructed from the most durable materials and feature high-strength interlocking aluminum extrusions and truck assemblies with sealed steel bearings. The result is a long-lasting gate that’s capable of keeping unwanted intruders out and guarding against vandalism, theft, and tampering with public resources.

When you choose to partner with TYMETALfor electrical sub-station security gates, you can rest assured the products you purchase will meet the highest performance standards. All our power station security gates are rigorously tested to withstand impact, extreme weather conditions, and regular wear and tear. As a single-source provider, we deliver a matched system including the gate, operator, hardware, and accessories for a seamless user experience.

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Comprehensive Energy Station Security Gate Solutions

We offer a streamlined process that makes it easy and affordable to acquire the gates and related products essential to compliance for modern energy company security. With courteous help and support before, during, and after the installation, we’re here to make sure your openings stay secure.

Find out more about our exceptionally strong, ultimately reliable public utility security gates today — We’ll be happy to provide additional information on our full product line and custom capabilities. TYMETAL provides the ultimate engineered solutions to closing openings! View our various security gate galleries including railroads, transit, wastewater treatment, and telecommunications.

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