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Types of Cantilever Slide Gates

Fortress Heavy Duty Cantilever Slide Gate
Fortress Structural Cantilever Slide Gate
Fortress Box Frame Cantilever Slide Gate
Fortress Ornamental Cantilever Options
Custom Cantilever Slide Gate Designs

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If you’re an architect, facility owner, engineer, or anyone else looking for the best possible commercial cantilever slide gate, trust that TYMETAL can provide the product and support you need.  We design and manufacture the most extensive line of perimeter security gate and operator systems for the commercial/industrial and correctional marketplace.

    With over 35 years in the industry, we’ve built a proud reputation for offering the Cantilever Slide Gate System you’re searching for and we are backed by the highest level of customer service.


    Read on to learn more about the cantilever slide gate systems we offer and get in touch with one of our knowledgeable representatives today for additional information on commercial cantilever slide gates.


    Wondering if a cantilever slide gate is the right choice for your project, application, or environment? The cantilever gate design is counter-balanced to allow the gate to smoothly slide open or closed in a linear motion, closing an opening beyond its vertical support. It’s the perfect solution in environments where a large opening is necessary. Industrial grade cantilever slide gate systems are ideal for locations ranging from airports, military bases, railroads, public service buildings, chemical plants, border stations and more.


    Safer operation

    less chance of the gate interfering or making contact with entering and exiting vehicular traffic.

    Lower overall costs

    an automated gate design that is more efficient, secure and, most often, the lower cost alternative.

    Reduced maintenance

    the cantilever slide gate requires less maintenance to keep its path clear of debris and snow during harsh weather conditions.

    Time tested for over 35 years, our Cantilever Slide Gates are designed to close openings up to 120 feet wide.

    Features of TYMETAL Cantilever Gates

    Our line of durable cantilever slide gates are designed to close single openings up to 60 feet. When installed in a bi-parting configuration, it can span a clear opening width up to 120 feet, making it a versatile solution for a wide variety of applications. Features and benefits of our cantilever gate products include:

    Ornamental Black Cantilever Gate
    • Designed and built to order – suiting your specific project needs
    • Top track and top gate frame member are keyed to fully interlock with each other, then welded to form a one-piece composite structure
    • Adjustable stainless steel or galvanized cable cross-bracing along the entire gate length
    • Select single or double track, or box frame cantilever gates depending on your project’s requirements
    • Custom truck assemblies are designed for cantilever slide gate use and are tested under extreme load and weather conditions
    • A standard 5-year warranty is provided for the W4 or S8 truck assemblies
    • Truck assemblies include self-aligning, sealed lubricant ball bearing wheels
    • Supplied with gap protectors and guide roller covers to protect against entrapment and meet UL325 and ASTM F2200 standards
    View Cantilever GAte Specifications

    TYMETAL Cantilever Sliding Gate Options for Your Business

    At TYMETAL, we offer several types of cantilever slide gates to suit your operational needs and meet industry standards. What makes our cantilever slide gates the best security gate solution is our high standards for lasting performance, strength and suitability for use in high activity commercial applications.

    We offer four standard varieties of cantilevered custom slide gates including:

    heavy duty cantilever gate at a power plant

    Fortress Heavy Duty Cantilever Slide Gate

    Double Clear Openings up to 60'

    Our Heavy Duty cantilevered gate system is designed to provide unsurpassed rigidity and stability in a variety of operating conditions for single clear openings to 30’ (bi-parting openings to 60′). Four-wheel ball-bearing truck assemblies have been thoroughly tested and designed for use in extreme load and weather conditions.

    White structural cantilever gate

    Fortress Structural Cantilevered Gate

    Double Clear Openings up to 80'

    TYMETAL’s Structural cantilever gate design features a double-track system that can span single clear openings to 40’ (bi-parting openings to 80′). Dual semi-enclosed extruded aluminum alloy tracks provide reliable operation and optimal security in heavy use situations.

    white box frame cantilever gate at airport

    Fortress Box Frame Cantilevered Gate

    Double Clear Openings up to 120'

    TYMETAL Box Frame cantilever slide gates are engineered to close single clear opening widths up to 60’ (bi-parting openings to 120). The box design structure is most effective at resisting wind and gravity. Our box frame design provides exceptional structural integrity and is most  suitable for those larger, more demanding applications.

    fortress ornamental cantilever gate

    Fortress Ornamental Cantilever Gate

    Double Clear Openings up to 120'

    Not only do TYMETAL’s cantilever slide gates provide exceptional functionality and security, they can be configured to include various styles of ornamental pickets.  Designs can include concave and convex arrangements.  The finish can included powder/color coating to your color of choice.


    blue custom cantilever gate

    Custom Made to Order Gate Designs

    TYMETAL can assist you with your site’s custom gate needs. With free specification and CAD drawing services, our team is ready to help get your perimeter security project started.


    Frequently Asked Questions About Cantilever Slide Gates

    TYMETAL has been designing, manufacturing and installing cantilever sliding gates for over 30 years. In that time we’ve also been asked hundreds of questions about our industry-leading gates. We’ve provided some of the most commonly asked questions below. If your question isn’t covered on this page feel free to call our experts or fill out our contact form so we can answer your question!

    There are several forms of slide gates, to include cantilever, overhead and versions that include a ground track and wheels. The main difference is that Cantilever slide gates are not supported by an overhead track or a ground wheel/track system. Cantilever slide gates are supported by either two or four support posts placed to one side of the gate opening. The cantilever gate panel includes one or two tracks, interlocked and welded to the upper horizontal gate frame member. Truck/trolley assemblies are connected to the support posts and the gate panel with track are slid over the truck assemblies.  The gate panel can now easily slide open or closed.  Cantilever gates also include a counterbalance portion, which is 50% of the clear opening width. While increasing the length and weight of the gate panel, the counterbalance portion allows the gate to span greater distances. TYMETAL’s use of custom aluminum extrusions and welding techniques enable our cantilever slide gates to span single clear openings up to 60′.

    Other forms of slide gates require ground wheels and a ground track or an overhead track. Overhead I beams  and ground tracks are costly, particularly that associated with the excavation and installation of a ground track.  Grade variations are harder to address, making it more difficult to accommodate normal drainage requirements. .

    While cantilever slide gates require more space on one side of the gate opening than other gate styles, if space is available it is often the most efficient and cost effective way to span a vehicular gate opening.

    Learn more about cantilever gates vs roller gates.

    All TYMETAL cantilever slide gates can be motorized.  Based on size, weight and performance requirements we can match any cantilever gate with an automatic slide gate operator that will deliver reliable performance with low maintenance. We also offer a number of access control systems and related design and layout support.



    When choosing your cantilever gate, consider factors such as:

    • Elevation: A cantilever slide gate must be installed level. It’s recommended that the bottom of the gate panel be 5″ above grade, although it can be more or less. If less than 5″ clearance is needed it’s advisable to check with the manufacturer.
    • Storage: The space you reserve for your cantilever gate should include room for the counterbalance or the additional length of the gate that goes past the opening length.  The overall length of the gate panel is 1-1/2 times the clear opening width, which is the storage requirement when the gate is in the open position.
    • Infill type: Typical infills include steel 2″ x 2″ x 9 gauge chain link, ornamental pickets, anti-climb panels, expanded metals and other. When selecting infill it is important to consider weight and density.
    • Single track, double-track or box frame configuration: The Heavy Duty (single track) Cantilever Slide Gate can span clear opening widths up to 30′. Structural (double-track) Cantilever Slide Gates can span clear opening widths up to 40′.  Box Frame Cantilever Slide Gates can span clear opening widths up to 60′.
    • Opening width: Your cantilever gate’s opening width will determine the style of cantilever slide gate that is most suitable.
    • Gate height: While not as important as your gate’s opening width, your cantilever gate’s height will also influence your gate’s overall structure. Height affects the gate’s wind load, determining what infill materials, hardware and supports you need to use.
    • Gate weight: Most aluminum cantilever gate weights do not exceed 2,000 pounds. When selecting an infill component it is important to consider weight and density. Typical 2″ x 2″ x 9 gauge chain link and most aluminum picket configurations are well within weight and density limitations. When selecting heavier or denser components it’s best to check with the manufacturer first.

    TYMETAL also offers a variety of options in ornamental cantilever gates that provide optimal security along with an attractive design and finish. Frames and pickets are fabricated from aluminum alloy extrusions with Internal, External, Flat-Top or Smashed Point styles available. Ornamental cantilever slide gates also come in convex or concave configurations, with a choice of milled aluminum or baked-on powder coating in standard or custom colors. These additional options help bring your aesthetic vision to life.

    TYMETAL offers a full range of services before, during, and after the sale of our cantilever slide gate systems. Whether you’re in the market for the Heavy Duty, Structural or Box Frame design, we provide complete specifications and CAD drawings. Visit our cantilever slide gate drawings and specs page to choose the solutions that are right for you.

    In addition to delivering the most robust track and gate frame combination in the industry, TYMETAL also offers fully automatic cantilever gate systems. We provide a wide variety of options in automatic slide gates and operator systems matched to your specific project requirements. From the TIGER Gate System with double clear openings up to 80 feet to the TYM HYD Box Frame Cantilever Gate System with double clear openings up to 120 feet, we offer a broad range of automatic slide gate designs. Visit our gate operator systems page for more information on the full selection available for a cantilever gate system.

    Steel is corrosive and aluminum is not. Even galvanized steel can rust in some areas. Aluminum, however, is protected by a thin layer of its natural corrosion properties, aluminum oxide. The aluminum oxide is a natural, rust-resistant shield. Most important, while providing strength, aluminum is lighter than steel.  Steel is just too heavy a material for cantilever style sliding gates. The excessive weight is hard to move, stresses cause weld breaks at joints and gate operators strain to power them. TYMETAL’s cantilever slide gate systems are well engineered and manufactured in a controlled environment.  They benefit from an enclosed track and truck/trolley system that is protected from debris and weather.  The combination of custom extrusions, hardware and manufacturing technique insure superior performance over time – and a solid long term investment.


    We’re a recognized industry pioneer in producing custom-fabricated cantilever slide gates and matched access control systems. When you purchase commercial-grade cantilever slide gates from us, you gain the support of a dedicated partner with the experience to deliver a system designed to meet the specific requirements of today’s most demanding customers.

    When it comes to closing openings, trust TYMETAL. Contact us today for more information about our cantilever gate systems or give us a call at 888-978-4283 to receive guidance on which gate works best for your needs.