Automatic Security Gates

Guide to Automatic Security Gate Systems

TYMETAL's Guide to Automatic Gate Systems

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Applications | Different Types of Automatic Gates | Components | Benefits | How to Choose

When your business needs top-of-the-line security, you need to find a trusted provider with years of industry experience. TYMETAL is a leader in the automatic security gate industry, with 30 years of experience and an extensive line of automatic security gate systems to fit any company’s needs.

TYMETAL’s wide variety of premium automatic security gates means we are able to serve a diverse range of security-minded industries across the United States. You and your business can rest assured that your facility has the best automatic gates on the market, rigorously tested for durability and performance under any conditions. Our designs not only stand the test of time but are also customizable to meet the specifications of any project.

Our continuing focus on further developing automatic gate systems means we have the most technologically advanced systems on the market, many of which have patents. This focus also means we will continue to develop our security gate technology into the future, providing our clients with the most up-to-date gate security systems possible. Our cost-effective solutions provide incredible lifetime value, so our clients can benefit enormously in the long-term from TYMETAL’s quality designs.

To help you or your company select the best security gate for your facility or project, we’ve created a comprehensive guide to the security gate systems TYMETAL has available.

Industries Using Automated Security Gates

Wide Variety of Security Gate SystemsTYMETAL has dozens of customizable designs for automatic gate system solutions. Our wide variety of options means we have something suitable for every industry and application. We have experience serving many industries, including the following:

  • Correctional facilities: Included in our line of automated security gates are PLUSS Vehicle Sallyports. These correctional facility gates offer the best reliability and security on the market, protecting against both inmate tampering as well as weather conditions. TYMETAL’s cost-effective systems are the best in the correctional market, with few maintenance requirements. If any maintenance needs do come up, our excellent TYMETAL technical and training support services are available to help.
  • Government facilities: From police and fire stations to government offices, an automated security gate can protect and secure government buildings from harm. Strong, reliable automatic entry gates can do this for any government facility, and can be custom-fit to suit any facility. From vertical lift gates for police stations to heavy-duty automatic sliding security gates for government compounds, TYMETAL can do it all.
  • Border stations: Border security is under a great deal of scrutiny in recent years, and many issues can be mitigated by using the appropriate automatic gate system. TYMETAL offers custom-designed automatic gate systems, which are able to withstand incredible impact and attack.
  • Airports: Airport security has become a serious concern in the 21st century, and as a result, automated security gates are highly desired in this application. TYMETAL designs and manufactures the widest variety of airport perimeter security gate and operator systems in the industry, capable of locking down a secured area in seconds.
  • Military facilities: TYMETAL offers numerous heavy-duty options for military facilities. A military automatic gate system is designed to maintain integrity and security through heavy use and high traffic. These gates can be left unmanned without sacrificing security, and are engineered with crash-tested beams and anti-ram stanchions to prevent vehicles from driving through them.
  • Utility and energy facilities: The protection of facilities housing public utilities is a high priority for local and federal government agencies, as well as private companies. Automatic security gates are excellent options for telecommunications facilities, refineries, energy and water treatment plants. They provide easy access options for large vehicles, and meet industry standards for security. These gates are created with a strong, dependable design for optimal security and reliability.
  • Other markets: TYMETAL serves numerous industries and markets outside of those listed above, from government contractors to distribution and warehousing centers. TYMETAL’s ability to engineer and manufacture industrial automatic gates to suit any application means we can meet the unique needs of your industry.

Different Types of Automatic Gates

Idustrial, Commercial, Government GatesAt TYMETAL, we specialize in designing and manufacturing automatic entry gates to meet a wide variety of needs and applications. From personal property to a business or government facility, we can provide you with a gate that meets all of your security requirements and aesthetic needs. Our current selection of reliable automated gate systems includes the following:

  • Cantilever Slide Gate: Cantilever gates are designed with a counter-balance, allowing the gate to glide smoothly in a linear motion to open and close a gate. These gates are safe to operate, with a lower chance of colliding with objects or vehicles than a swing gate, and are less costly to design and maintain. It is the perfect automatic gate solution for larger openings, such as those needed in airports, railroads and border stations. Additionally, the TIGER cantilever system is an all-in-one solution consisting of an advanced electronic gate operator and correctional grade electro-mechanical lock. This system has been tested for quality to over 200,000 cycles of constant duty.
  • Huge gates: TYMETAL offers gates in a variety of sizes, and can support even the most massive projects. Our largest gates are able to clear openings of up to 500 feet, suitable for many airport applications. Regardless of size, our gates maintain the same high level of quality and performance.
  • Vertical Lift Gate: Vertical lift gates are particularly useful for sites where there is little space to each side of the gate opening, insufficient for a slide or swing gate to retract without hitting an obstacle. These gates come with a wide range of options to suit any space constraints, and are excellent automated gates for many industrial or commercial applications.
  • Heavy Duty Swing Gates: Heavy-duty swing gates are ideal solutions for smaller openings of up to 24 feet for a single gate, or 48 feet for a double gate. This automatic gate system is ideal for light, small projects, and suits both manual and automatic operations.
  • SecurFold Trackless Bi-Folding Gate: SecurFold bi-fold gate is the ideal system for perimeter security applications where speed and security are required, and well suited for space constrained openings. An excellent choice for high activity applications.
  • Heavy Duty Overhead Slide Gate: The Heavy Duty Overhead Slide Gate is manufactured to withstand greater than normal stresses in very large openings. A good choice for high activity applications that have space limitations.

Components of an Automatic Security Gate

The gate itself is not the only important part of automatic entry gates. Commercial automatic gate openers physically move these gates with a motor and drive system. These automated gate openers are an important component of the automatic security gate system, allowing for easy access through the gate. These operators also remove the need for a guard at the entrance point, and are reliable regardless of weather conditions.

TYMETAL is a single-source provider for gates and operator systems, meaning these systems are matched. The matching of gates and operator systems means customers are offered the convenience of both components coming from the same source. This ensures reduction in installation time and improved reliability, functionality and streamlined customer service. Matched systems are available for any of TYMETAL’s numerous gate systems.

Automatic Security Gate Benefits

How automatic gate systems workAutomated gates provide numerous benefits to any facility, commercial or private. Some of the benefits an automatic gate can provide for your facility include:

  • Security: Well-designed automatic gates provide protection from vandalism and various threats while providing the convenience of easy access and departure.
  • Insurance: Certain security carriers will provide a break in premiums if you choose to install an automated gate system on the property, saving you and your company on insurance costs. This is primarily because you are less likely to be a victim of theft.
  • Easy access for businesses: Because of the automatic features of these gates, there is no need for security guards. Not only does this save on labor costs, but it also means quicker entry and exit to and from the business property, cutting down bottlenecks and lines. This is especially important for companies with private parking lots.
  • Safety: Most important for any automatic gate purchaser is safety. Whether the application is commercial or private, an automatic security gate can keep your facility, building and residents safe from threats from outside the perimeter.

Choose a Gate Manufacturer Who Provides Reliable Quality

Automatic Gate Manufacturers with A Proven RecordYou deserve to do business with an automatic gate manufacturer with a proven record of accomplishment for quality performance and customer service, which is why TYMETAL is the right decision for you and your organization. TYMETAL provides some of the following incredible benefits to our customers:

  • Experience: TYMETAL is an experienced automatic gate manufacturer, with more than 30 years’ experience in the industry. Over those years, we have developed a reputation for quality products, technical support and customer service.
  • Expertise: Many facility project designers overlook security gates and other barrier devices, not understanding the importance they pose to the security of the premises. TYMETAL’s focus on security products means we can assess your needs thoroughly and make an excellent recommendation that suits your facility’s needs.
  • Comprehensive support: Our support team will work closely with you throughout your project, providing you with unbeatable support from an excellent team. Whether you are the owner, designer or installation contractor, our team is ready to help. We can even help train your staff to maximize the performance of your gate system.
  • Innovation: TYMETAL is a pioneer in security gate system development, holding numerous exclusive patents on gate fortification technology. This focus on innovation has made us one of the most advanced companies in the automated gate industry today, meaning we provide some of the most advanced solutions on the market.
  • In-house manufacturing: Unlike other automatic gate companies, TYMETAL produces all of our gate systems in-house. From automated gate openers to the gates themselves, our specialists personally guide the design and manufacture of every part of your gate. We will design and fabricate a custom solution for your unique site specifications quickly and with the highest quality possible.
  • Quality: TYMETAL tests all of our gates thoroughly to ensure they will perform reliably for years, ensuring security and safety for your company and their assets.

Few things are more important than the safety and security of your facility and the people inside it. This is why you and your facility deserve a company of the highest caliber. Contact TYMETAL today to learn more about any of the gate systems listed above.