Vertical Lift Gate

The Fortress Vertical Lift Gate has been produced by Tymetal Corp. for over 25 years and is in constant use throughout North America. As leading designers and vertical lift gate manufacturers, we’re your single, convenient source for durable and dependable perimeter security solutions. Whether you’re an architect, facility owner, engineer or fence contractor, we’re fully equipped to deliver aluminum vertical lift gates that provide the perfect fit.

Advantages of Vertical Lift Gates

While Vertical Lift Gates can be used in any setting, they are especially valuable on sites where there is insufficient space outside of the gate opening for a swing or slide gate to retract without hitting an obstacle. The Tymetal Vertical Lift Gate is designed as a complete system to operate flawlessly: the heavy W12x53 superstructure, a solidly engineered #60 chain drive mechanism, complete with counter weights, engineered footings (including rebar cages and anchor bolts) assure a smooth and precise up-and-down movement. To minimize stress, steel counterweights running inside the vertical support columns are fabricated to balance the weight of the gate, reducing the power demand on the motor. The gate panel hangs on four truck assemblies, each with four sealed and permanently lubricated roller bearings, traveling inside smooth aluminum track. A continuous loop drive system, directly connected to the counterweight in each support column, assures precision operation.

Vertical Lift Gate Options

The Vertical Lift Gate is available in a wide range of openings. Ideal for any setting with space constraints, it is also suited for high-security applications like detention facilities and heavy-use sites such as airports, ports, transportation terminals and delivery docks.

As experienced vertical lift gate manufacturers, we specialize in offering a variety of solutions suitable for virtually any application or environment. Click here to view specs and drawings or get in touch to talk about designing custom vertical lift gates for your specific project.

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Whether you need a security solution for a transportation hub, commercial or industrial complex, military base or any other location that requires a vertical lift gate, we offer the service, selection and value you desire. Learn more about our secure, robust and reliable custom vertical lift gates today.

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