Industrial Metal Gates

an industrial metal security gate protecting a TSA check point

Industrial metal gates have been a TYMETAL specialty since our founding in 1985. For more than 35 years, we have been helping commercial clients with heavy-duty access control needs get the best gate for their facility. We can match you with a system that delivers speed, durability, ease of use and low maintenance requirements.

Industrial vs. Residential Gates

TYMETAL manufactures heavy-duty sliding metal gates for both industrial and commercial applications. While many homes – particularly luxury properties – have advanced security and access control needs, there are some typical distinctions between residential and industrial metal gates:

  • Industrial metal gates should be designed to handle a heavier volume of traffic. This means they must work faster and be able to stand up to repeated openings and closings over the course of a day. Attempting to use a low-durability gate in an industrial application will lead to lost productivity, additional maintenance requirements and longer vehicle idling times.
  • Industrial gates may need to accommodate oversize vehicles. Depending on the nature of your operation, a residential gate may be too narrow or too short to accommodate semitrailers and other larger delivery vehicles. To meet the needs of our commercial clients, TYMETAL manufactures sliding metal gates that open up to 120 feet wide, as well as box-frame roller gates for even larger openings.
  • Industrial gates may have to meet specific guidelines for impact resistance. Particularly in correctional facilities, data centers, government agencies and other high-security operations, regulatory compliance will require a stronger, more durable gate than a residential application.

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What Types of Metal Are Used in TYMETAL Industrial Gates?

TYMETAL offers heavy-duty industrial gates in both aluminum and steel. For most applications, we recommend aluminum as it is lighter, stronger and more corrosion-resistant. This keeps wear to a minimum and reduces your maintenance requirements, all without compromising safety.

Aluminum industrial gates are generally a better investment, though for specific applications, steel products and steel gates are available. We offer both stainless and galvanized products that are designed to withstand tough environmental conditions. Contact our office to speak with a representative directly about your options. Learn the differences between aluminum & steel gates here!

What Applications Are TYMETAL Gates Used In?

TYMETAL offers one of the largest selections of industrial metal gates on the market today. Our diverse lineup of products and systems means we can meet the needs of almost any commercial client. Typical entrance gate customers include airports, government and military facilities, schools, public utilities, data centers, border stations, warehouses, retail centers and more.

Let us go over your requirements and put together a complete package containing a metal gate, gate operator and access control system for your business. Our core product lines include the Fortress and TIGER families of cantilevered sliding gates, as well as swinging gates, vertical lift gates, pedestrian gates and more.

Where Can I Request More Information?

Start exploring your options by browsing our website to familiarize yourself with our metal gates design products and services. To request a quote or more information about any of our access control systems, use the form on this page.

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