Security Gates for Airports

Airport security in the 21st century is a serious concern that has garnered a tremendous amount of attention.

Millions of people and businesses travel and ship items by plane every single day, making it absolutely crucial that airport agencies do everything in their power to ensure a safe environment.

TYMETAL designs and manufactures the most extensive line of airport fence security gates and electric gate operator and entry systems capable of locking down security from the terminal entrance to the runway and everywhere in between.

Specially Designed Airport Security Gates

Airports and seaports are unique in that they require security gates for a wide variety of areas and purposes. Thanks to our ability to offer complete design services, we’re able to accommodate your diverse needs. From parking lots and restricted areas such as airplane hangars to pedestrian entrance points and screening checkpoints, we offer over 25 different types of gate system products.

A particular area of concern in security gates for airports is having a system with a large enough clearance to accommodate the needed variety of sizes of service vehicles and planes. We provide the expertise and broad capabilities to design and manufacture an airport fence security gate that meets your clearance requirements while maintaining the properties that effectively keep out unauthorized visitors and guard against potential attacks.

Exceptionally Strong Airport Fence Security

BF Roller 1 chain link

Security gates come in all shapes, sizes, and quality levels. TYMETAL specializes in providing custom security gates that offer the functionality you want along with the structural integrity you require. We use the highest quality materials and proven manufacturing techniques to ensure our security airport gates stand up to heavy use, outdoor elements, and regular wear and tear.

In addition to crash-tested gates and wide-clearance gates, we also provide a host of other products necessary to secure an airport facility. From crash beams and bollards to pedestrian gates and turnstiles, there’s virtually no request for an airport security gate we can’t accommodate. As a single-source supplier, we deliver fully integrated automatic gate systems that are reliable, secure and easy to operate.

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Why TYMETAL for Airport Security Gates?

In addition to providing an extensive selection of airport security gates, gate openers and automatic systems, we’re a one-stop-shop for a complete range of services. We offer comprehensive technical support before, during, and after the system has been installed. You benefit from:

  • Fast ordering and product delivery
  • Live telephone support on all products
  • Employee safety training and system commissioning

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We are a leading manufacturer of airport security gates with over 25 years in the aluminum and steel automatic gate system industry. We offer superior-performing products and specialize in helping our clients achieve the highest level of security. Get in touch with us for additional information and to place your security gate order today or check out our airport gate gallery!