Industrial/Commercial Security Gates

Tymetal Corp. offers a complete line of commercial and industrial perimeter security systems to suit your individual needs. Whether access control is a matter of critical importance or of simple convenience, we have a commercial gate system for you — no matter your industry.

Industrial/Commercial Security Gates

Are you doing everything possible to ensure tight perimeter security at your manufacturing plant, warehouse or other type of commercial/industrial facility? Tymetal Corp. offers a complete line of commercial security gate systems to suit your individual needs. Whether access control is a matter of critical importance or of simple convenience, we have an industrial security gate for you.

We feature a wide selection of high-security gates and gate operator systems that can meet the requirements of facilities and properties of all types, sizes and configurations. Our security perimeter solutions also include crash barriers including beams, bollards and other effective crash devices. Our gates, gate operators and crash barriers are designed, engineered and constructed to meet stringent M30/K4 and M50/K12 certification standards, and are also UL 325-compliant. You will have the peace of mind of knowing your facility is fully protected against intruders.


Commercial and residential facilities have different perimeter and access control needs, which demand different types of gates. Typically, a commercial facility will have stricter security requirements than a residence, while also admitting a higher volume of traffic than most homes. As a result, commercial security gates must be faster, more durable and easier to operate than their residential counterparts.

Most business security gates are made of aluminum, which is strong and lightweight, in addition to being resistant to corrosion. As a result, they are less prone to wear – an important benefit that keeps your maintenance costs low without compromising security or service.


Electric security gates for businesses have a number of obvious advantages over manual systems. For larger facilities with a high volume of vehicles entering and exiting, an electric gate is the clear choice, as it will save time, reduce staffing requirements and keep your productivity up on a day-to-day basis.

There are, however, some drawbacks to an electric gate, including increased maintenance requirements and higher initial costs. If you’re uncertain which type of gate is best for your business, contact Tymetal Corp. directly. One of our representatives will be happy to go over your options and provide expert advice to help you make a more informed decision.


Choosing the right security gate for your business is more than just deciding between a manual and automatic system. There are several different designs and configurations available, all of which have specific applications and advantages. Some of the most common business security gates include rolling and cantilevered slide gates, vertical swing gates, bi-folding gates and more. That’s in addition to pedestrian gates and specialty products such as bollards and barrier arms.

Some things you should consider when choosing a security gate for your business include:

  • Available space and opening size: Different types of gates use space in a different manner – some open upwards while others slide out or swing forward. Also, consider what types of traffic you expect – large commercial trucks will, of course, require a larger opening to get in and out safely.
  • Frequency and speed: An accurate picture of how much traffic you expect, and how quickly you need it to move, is essential when purchasing a business gate. Your system should be designed to keep idling time to a minimum, and durable enough to withstand the rigors of frequent daily use.
  • Operator and access control system: A security gate is often paired with an automatic opener and, in some instances, a keycard or number pad access-control system. To reduce the risk of failure, components should be matched by a qualified professional who understands your requirements.

Why Tymetal Corp.?

  • Experience: We have been manufacturing commercial entrance gates and related products for more than 30 years. During that time, we have developed an unbeatable reputation for quality products backed by exceptional technical support and customer service.
  • Expertise: Security gates and related barrier devices are an important part of any perimeter security system. However, project designers often overlook them, not fully understanding all their nuances. Because we focus exclusively on gate and barrier related security products, we are able to thoroughly assess your needs and match you with the product that will deliver not only the properly rated impact resistance for your needs, but also ease of use, durability and exceptional value.
  • Comprehensive technical support: We will work closely with you through every phase of your project. You’ll get the benefit of our world-class technical support from design forward – we also offer technical support to installation contractors.
  • Innovation: Tymetal Corp. is a pioneer in the development of cantilevered security gate systems, holding a number of exclusive patents on technology designed to fortify gates and enhance deterrence. As a result, our commercial entrance gates are some of the most advanced on the market today.
  • In-house manufacturing: Unlike other gate security system manufacturers, Tymetal Corp. produces all gate components in-house. Operator systems are manufactured to Tymetal specifications by leading U.S. operator companies, and the systems are designed to work with tested hardware and fittings to provide a complete solution. That means gate and operator systems are matched to provide the best performance possible. It also allows us to easily and quickly complete custom gate designs based on tested standard products that will meet your exact specifications.
  • Quality: Tymetal Corp. industrial gates undergo rigorous testing to ensure they will deliver reliable performance for years to come. In fact, our TIGER industrial gate systems are subjected to more than 200,000 cycles of constant duty testing in all weather conditions. When the safety of your team members and other key assets are on the line, that is security and reliability you can count on.

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