SecurFold Bi-Folding Speed Gate


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*Clear opening widths for all security gates will vary depending on several factors, including infill options, wind load, and location.

The SecurFold Trackless Bi-Folding Speed Gate is a folding gate system designed for perimeter security access where high cycle speed and durability is a must, but space is limited.


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Bi-Folding Gate Features

  • Clear Openings up to 20 feet
  • Panel Heights up to 10 feet
  • Woven, Vertical Picket, Chain Link, and Custom Infills available
  • Painted, Galvanized, or Galvanized with Powder Coat finish available
  • Dual 120-575V 60hz motors (one in each column, 380V 50 hz available)

Bi-Folding Gate Benefits

  • Ideal for tight spaces where there is little room to swing or slide a traditional automated gate. Virtually no area to either side of the opening is required.
  • Self-Supporting 12”X12”x ¼” tube columns with factory attached hinges, operator supports and base plate.
  • Motors and electronics are always located on the protected/secure side of the fence line.
  • Trackless design means unlimited overhead clearance and no special drains below.
  • Unit arrives ready to bolt down and turn on, virtually no field assembly required.
  • Aesthetically pleasing Anti-climb configuration available.
  • Obstruction devices concealed within protection of the columns.
  • Easily integrates with most common access control, safety and security devices.
  • Uninterruptable Power Supply and or Solar Powered configurations available.
  • Simple but secure manual release for local power failure (available with high security locking access cover).
yellow secure bi-folding speed gate