TYM-4000 SR Swing Riser Gate System

TYMETAL’s Heavy Duty Swing Gate, matched with a TYM-4000-SR hydraulic operator a maximum gate weight of 3,000 pounds per gate panel.

Operation shall be by means of a hydraulic cylinder acting upward in a steel post assembly to cause the post and the gate panel to rotate from zero to 90 degrees (100-degree option available) without the use of articulating arms, screw drives, or mechanical devices.  The closing action of the industrial swing gate panel shall cause the free end of the swing gate to be mechanically locked in place without the use of externally operated electric or mechanical locks.


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The opening and closing cycle times will vary depending on swing gate size and weight, from 14 to 30 seconds. The opening action of the industrial swing gate panel shall allow the gate to rise approximately twelve inches and clear adjacent curbs or obstructions.



  • UL 325 Listed for Class I, II, III, and IV, with integrated entrapment sensing
  • Programmable Smart Touch Controller
  • Secure locking
  • Limit switches to limit travel in each direction
  • Liquid crystal display for reporting functions
  • Continuous duty rated (200,000 cycle certification)
  • Cylinders and limit switches are housed in the heavy-duty, fully sealed post
  • Separate NEMA-1R enclosure holds the Smart Touch Controller, electric motor, pump pack, and standard hand pump
  • Available in nearly all domestic and international single-phase and three-phase voltages.