TIGER Gate System

Tested – Exceeding 200,000 cycles

Integrated – Matched components from a single source

Guaranteed – Unsurpassed product support

Experienced – Over 20 years of proven best quality

Reliable – Reduced maintenance requirements


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TYMETAL is pleased to offer the complete TIGER security gate system package. The entire gate package is comprised of standard components which have been pre-tested as a system to assure compatibility and expedite design and delivery while also reducing installation errors and facility maintenance requirements. The TYMETAL TIGER system is the only fully integrated gate and operator package that has been tested over 200,000 cycles under constant duty testing in extreme weather conditions.

The TIGER system is comprised of our Fortress Structural Cantilever Slide Gate, the TYM-VSA variable speed operator, 1050-D Sliding Gate Lock, and “Secure Catcher” catch assembly. Available in chain link and ornamental designs, the TIGER system is perfectly suited to match almost any new or existing fence line.