Fortress Structural Cantilever Slide Gate

*For larger clear opening widths contact TYMETAL. Clear opening widths for all security gates will vary depending on several factors, including infill options, wind load, and location. Custom options are available.

The Fortress Structural Cantilever Slide Gate is a cantilever system best suited for larger openings than can be handled by a typical heavy-duty gate due to its double-track design. These strong yet versatile sliding security gates are appropriate for openings up to 40 feet for singles and up to 80 feet for doubles. Contact us today to discuss this barrier in more detail. We also invite you to request drawings and specifications and take advantage of our extensive in-house resources.

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Fortress Structural Cantilever Slide Gate features:

  • Fabricated from aluminum-alloy extrusions
  • Top primary member is rectangular in cross-section, bottom primary member is a structural channel for added rigidity
  • Vertical members at the ends of the frame and between counterbalance and opening are square in cross-section and no less than 2” x 2”.
  • Separate semi-enclosed double tracks of extruded aluminum alloy.
  • Gate is supported by two tracks containing self-aligning, 4-wheeled, sealed lubricant ball-bearing truck assemblies
  • Self-lubricating polymer guide wheels are provided for the bottoms of the support posts
  • Cross-bracing of 3/16” (min) diameter stainless steel cable for vertical adjustment

Do you have a large opening in your business’s location that needs to be protected? Look no further than TYMETAL for your security gate needs. We offer a high-quality Fortress Structural Cantilever Slide Gate that will protect your business and exceed your expectations. Our top-notch gate is designed for year-round use and uses stainless steel cables, double tracks, and more.

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When you need a cantilever sliding security gate to secure your business or residential perimeter, TYMETAL has the tailored solution you’re looking for. We’re a one-stop source for automatic sliding security gate systems that set the standard for long-term reliability.

We have been leaders in the sliding security gate industry for over 25 years, and we were one of the first companies to manufacture engineered aluminum cantilever sliding gates. TYMETAL calls on decades of experience and our experienced staff to provide the very best value and service in security gate sales.

We provide brochures, PDFs, and specifications for both chain link and ornamental options to make sure that you receive all of the information you need about our Fortress Structural Cantilever Slide Gate. We can also provide project-specific CAD drawings with our suggested gate system solution for your unique requirements. When you choose TYMETAL for perimeter security, you’ll find a complete range of superior quality custom solutions with the heaviest track and gate frame combination in the industry.

Get in touch with a knowledgeable TYMETALrepresentative today to place your order for the most robust, secure, and reliable sliding security gates available. When it comes to engineered solutions and closing openings, TYMETAL leads the way!