Crash Beams

Over Three Decades of Experience

Crash beams are an essential component of any industrial access control system. At TYMETAL we have over 35 years of expertise in engineering crash-rated beams and other system components to the high standards today’s secure facilities require.

TCRB-4 Crash Rated Beam (U.S. DOS K4)

Closes openings up to 26' wide

TCRB-12 Crash Rated Beam (U.S. DOS K12)

Closes openings up to 24’ wide

ATCRB-12 Crash Rated Beam (U.S. DOS K12)

Clear Openings from 12' to 40'

Crash Beam Operational Types

TYMETAL offers crash beams in a variety of operational types to match your desired application, including:

  • Manual-operation crash-rated beams
  • Hydraulic-operated crash-rated beams
  • Electro-mechanical-operated crash-rated beams

The TYMETAL team is happy to discuss each type with you and which solution best meets your needs.

Crash Beam Impact Resistance

Our current lineup of crash-rated beams also includes options based on the impact resistance required:

  • TCRB-4: Designed for openings between 10-32’, the TCRB-4 crash beam meets US Department of State K4 standards for impact resistance. It can withstand collisions with vehicles traveling up to 30 mph. Consisting of an aluminum arm assembly, hinge stanchion and receiver stanchion, the TCRB-4 can be set up for both manual and automatic operation with the addition of a counterweight or power unit.
  • TCRB-12: For heavier-duty applications, the TCRB-12 has been rated to US DOS K12 standards and can resist impacts from vehicles traveling at up to 50 mph. Like the TCRB-4, the TCRB-12 features solid aluminum construction, a milled finish with reflective tape, optional hydraulic speed control and a number of other features that improve operator convenience and reduce wear over time.

Contact TYMETAL to have one of our team members help you choose the right crash beam or crash fence package for your specific application. Our products are backed by an exceptional level of customer service. To ensure quality, all individual components are manufactured in-house rather than sourced from other suppliers. As a result, you can count on each of our crash-rated beams for a lifetime of reliable and safe operation, even in heavy use or extreme weather conditions.