Universal Slimline Planter 40

Choosing a barrier to protect your facility doesn’t always mean you have to install an unwelcoming blockade. Instead of applying a wall of concrete, you can safeguard many locations with a security planter. The Universal Slimline Planter 40 is an anti-ram solution designed to a stop a 7.5 metric ton vehicle (about 16,500 lbs) moving at 40 mph.

This high-security, crash-rated planter by SafetyFlex is rated to PAS68 standards. This barrier is practical and effective at protecting against vehicles, terrorist threats and other criminal acts. It can stop vehicles from violating a perimeter which can protect sensitive areas, buildings and pedestrians from vehicle threats.

At TYMETAL, we provide you with a variety of premium products, including this slimline planter by SafetyFlex. You can install a truck-stopping planter at any of the following locations:

  • Storefronts
  • Airports
  • Banks
  • Conference centers
  • Critical infrastructure
  • Government buildings
  • Police stations
  • Retail parks
  • Sports stadiums
  • Train stations

Possible applications are not limited to the above examples, our products can be used wherever your conditions accommodate them. You can apply these planters and our other products to any industry where perimeter hardening and pedestrian safety is necessary.

Our shallow-mount security planter is the smallest crash-rated safety planter in the world.  So if you are working with limited space, we can design the security planter to fit any size you require. This provides an unparalleled blend of design flexibility, crash-tested durability and aesthetic appeal.

Because the Universal Slimline Planter is surface mounted with a thin foundation similar to our shallow-mount crash bollards, it diminishes the requirement to divert sub-grade utilities. This means a simpler installation whether you need this stopping power.

The TYMETAL Advantage

TYMETAL is the single go-to source that can design, manufacture and provide you with complete security planter solutions. We have earned a reputation for superior service distinguishing us as a leading manufacturer for all markets where security is a concern.

If you would like to learn more about our crash-tested security planters, fill out our inquiry form. You can also speak with a TYMETAL representative by phone to receive more information on our extensive product line.