CNC Machining

CNC Machining in the Northeast U.S.

Tymetal is able to meet your machining needs, as we have both cutting-edge CNC machining and manual machining capabilities. We have a broad spectrum of CNC capabilities, as we can handle large parts on our 30ft FlexDrill and we can also meet tight tolerances on our Haas VF5-40. Our CNC milling has industry-leading capabilities to produce products for countless applications. We have a vast inventory of standard and customized tooling that allows us to machine and mill a wide variety of materials including, but not limited to, aluminum, brass, steel alloys, and even plastic/composites.

Additionally, we are set up to handle your needs from a single custom job to a high volume production run. Our engineering team and skilled operators work together to deliver the consistent quality parts for your specific needs.

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CNC Machines

FlexDrill CNC GRD 30-06

FlexDrill CNC GRD 30-06

Haas VF5-40

CNC machine


Gantry Travel:

  • X-Axis:  360”
  • Y-Axis:  72”
  • Z-Axis:  21” 


  • CT40 Spindle Taper
  • 4,000 RPM 13.08kW Spindle
  • 20 Station Automated Tool Changing
  • Dual Rack and Pinion X-Axis Drive
  • Ball Screw Y-Axis Drive
  • Lead Screw Z-Axis Drive with Nitrogen Assist
  • Custom Grid Plate for Repeatable Fixturing

Size Restrictions

No minimum size requirements. Capable of machining parts:

  • 48” max length
  • 24” max width
  • 23” max height


  • Holds up two ten-thousandths of an inch tolerance (0.0002 inches)


  • 20 HP Motor for machining the toughest material
  • 10,000 RPM limit for the smoothest surface finish
  • 2 Speed gearbox for cutting both soft & hardened materials

Tool Capacity

  • Holds 20 tools for multiple operations and reduced set-up time
  • Holds up to 6” cutters allowing for bulk material removal


  • World class 3D programming software capable of handling the most challenging machining designs
  • Software allows for the development of 3D molds

Additional Features

  • Wireless probing for more accurate parts
  • Programmable coolant movement to improve surface finish
  • Rigid tapping
  • Early power failure detection to ensure machine and product safety
  • Engraving capabilities


CNC milling allows for a level of consistency and precision that would be difficult—if not impossible—to achieve using manual methods. For more information on our CNC machining capabilities, contact us today!

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